Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes for a Month

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Make mornings less stressful with make ahead breakfast recipes! This collection of 20+ kid-friendly breakfast recipes will help you save time on those busy weekday mornings while still serving a delicious homemade morning meal!Make Ahead Breakfasts

Busy “Back to School” Mornings

Oh the busyness of the “back-to-school” season! It feels extra crazy this year. Anyone else? It seems like the mornings often seem to just evaporate. And in the chaos, it can be so easy for breakfasts to get stagnant, unhealthy, or just pure processed convenience food in an effort to save time. So to help combat getting in those ruts while also trying to tame the morning madness, doing some meal planning or make ahead meals is SO helpful. There are SO many great breakfast ideas that can be made ahead. You can make things the night before to just reheat or do some breakfast batch cooking and freeze to really plan ahead. With the breakfast recipes below, you’ll find a low of good variety including some healthier, homemade versions of common store-bought foods. Just click through the breakfast ideas list below to be taken to (and pin) all the different recipes you want to check out!

Make Ahead Breakfast Freezing Tips

If you’re new to freezer or batch cooking, here are a few tips & ideas to help you plan! Many common breakfast foods (muffins, pancakes, waffles, smoothie ingredients, granola, breakfast burritos & sandwiches) ALL freeze quite well.  So don’t hesitate to experiment with batch cooking your favorite breakfast recipe(s) even if it isn’t something you see on the list below.

  • For items like muffins, pancakes, and waffles, be sure to let them cool before freezing. Also, to avoid these items sticking together, you can either place small pieces of parchment/wax paper between each item (like frozen hamburger patties) or you can flash freeze these items on a cookie sheet before transferring to freezer bags. To do this, line your cookie sheets with parchment and spread muffins/pancakes/waffles out in a single layer. Freeze just until frozen, then transfer to bags.
  • Freeze homemade granola in freezer baggies for longer shelf life than in your pantry. You don’t really even need to let it defrost before using! So easy!
  • Freeze cooked oatmeal – yes really! Did you know you can freeze any kind of cooked oatmeal?! So make a BIG huge batch and freeze it to have a hot breakfast ready in the morning. I like to make overnight steel cut oats in the crock pot and then freeze the extra. You can let it cool and then store in freezer bags. Or you can spoon it into muffin tins to freeze small individual servings. Pop two frozen muffin cups in a microwave safe bowl, reheat, and you have steel cut oats in a minute!
  • Freeze egg dishes by cooking the eggs first. You can freeze egg muffins, egg casseroles, egg breakfast sandwiches, etc. Just be sure that the items are baked first, cooled, then frozen. You can then reheat easily in the microwave for a delicious hot breakfast with no work in the morning!

Make Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes

Don’t they all sound great?! We LOVE so many of the items on this list and can’t wait to try a few of the others I just discovered!

What are YOUR favorite homemade breakfasts for busy school mornings?

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