20+ Back to School Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes

I can’t believe we’re quickly approaching the “back to school” season. Big Brother goes back in just two weeks!! So, I’m already starting to do some meal planning. And thanks to a partnership with Foodie.com, I’ve created a collection of 20+ kid-friendly, back to school breakfast recipes that can be made ahead (overnight or even frozen) for busy mornings. There’s a lot of great variety here and some healthier, homemade versions of common store-bought foods. Just click through the slide show to see all my A+ picks and be taken to the recipes!

Check out Back to School (Make Ahead) Breakfasts

by Mom Endeavors at Foodie.com

Don’t they all sound great?! My boys LOVE the oatmeal muffins and the whole wheat oatmeal pancakes–they freeze & reheat great, so I already have plans to make some batches of those. I love the idea of doing cute shapes though like the Buckwheat Multi Grain Waffles from Super Healthy Kids! Egg dishes are popular around here too. I’ve never had an issue freezing our egg breakfast casserole, so it’s another good one to make ahead for a quick, filling breakfast! And for individual servings of a protein-packed egg breakfast, these sausage & veggie egg muffins are awesome!!!
20+ Back to School Make Ahead Breakfast RecipesSo many tasty and healthy ways to start the day!! So, be sure to check out that slideshow of my Foodie Make Ahead Breakfasts collection above to save those recipes.

What are YOUR homemade breakfasts for busy school mornings?

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Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored campaign with Foodie.com. As always, my opinions, experiences (and recipe picks) are entirely my own.

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