Overnight Crockpot Steel Cut Oatmeal

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Ever since being introduced to steel cut oats a few years ago, it’s become my favorite kind of oatmeal–by far! The only downside is the cooking time. I’ve heard/read from various sources that you can use your crockpot overnight to make a batch. For some reason, I was unsure…scared to try it…worried about waking up to some sort of big mess. But, after being inspired by the Pantry Challenge to use up things we have & get back into batch/freezer cooking again, I decided to go for it! And, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! 🙂 No burnt, gummy, or overflowed mess–just a big ‘ole pot of steaming hot oats ready for breakfast!

Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal:

Basic amounts:

– 1 C dry steel cut oats

– 4 C water

I tripled the amount (daring, I know). I did 3 cups of oats and actually a little less water–about 10 cups. It came close to filling my pot, but still had a bit of room to spare (somehow I completely forgot to take a picture…sorry!).

I turned the crockpot on low at about 11:00pm and we came downstairs at 7:00am to that lovely pot of oats. That picture was taken before stirring or anything. Some of the oats were a little stuck on the sides and bottom, but it wasn’t much. We still had a lot of oatmeal! I left it plain so we could do whatever we wanted with it. But, I’m thinking about adding fruit next time like this deliciousness from the Hungry Hungry Hippie.

The beauty of making a giant vat like this is, in our family, that lasted us all week. We just kept it in the fridge and could microwave individual servings each day. And, even better, if that is too much oatmeal for the week, you can freeze it and use it over a longer period of time! Low cost, little time involvement, and high yield = my kind of cooking! 🙂

Slow Cooker OatmealDo YOU make crockpot oatmeal?

If you haven’t, I totally recommend that you try it! It was the easiest hot breakfast I’ve ever made!

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7 Responses

  1. My husband bought Steel Cut by mistake. I made it on the stove a couple of days ago and it seems like it never got soft. It says to cook for 25-30 min. Yea, adding more water and hour later….still couldn’t eat it. So here I am, looking for a crock pot recipie and found yours. It’s 11:30pm and its in the pot!!! Can’t wait to try it in the morning!! I’ll letcha know!’

    1. Fingers crossed for you, Carol! It definitely has a bit of a different texture than old fashioned oats. But we love it!!! Hope it turns out!

  2. going to try this for our youth group lock in…. so I can have something that will feed a group …. and have a pill of add ins so they can make their own flavor 🙂

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