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We’re so excited to share all of these fun pumpkin carving party food ideas with you today as part of a sponsored campaign with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #idaretodip #daretodip #CollectiveBias

Making jack o’lanterns is such a fun Halloween tradition, so why not take things up a notch by having a whole pumpkin carving party?! Pumpkin Party Table Food Spread

Pumpkin Carving Party 

It’s clearly a pumpkin party, don’t ya think?! HA! We do a pumpkin carving party every year with my family – usually the night before Halloween. One year we did a whole Witch’s Potion Buffet for the set-up. And this year, we had SO much fun putting this jack o’lantern theme together for our pumpkin carving party spread  – complete cute jack o’lantern themed food and decor.

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Jack o'lantern party tableWith just a bit of work and a few fun pumpkins and jack o’lanterns for decor, the pumpkin carving party theme comes together really easily! You can see that I went with all orange & black for the decor!

I found a cute jack o’lantern table cloth (that was big enough to cover the table and make a backdrop), a jack o’ lantern banner, and even a cute jack o’lantern serving bucket. You could put food in these buckets or serving ware/napkins/etc. It even would be cute with different types of candies in it! Jack o'lantern Party DecorI also put out some little mandarin oranges (also perfect for decorating like jack o’lanterns) for some table fillers and a tasty grab ‘n go snack for people! Another super easy party idea! But now…let’s talk about all the awesome pumpkin carving party food ideas and the star of the show – stuffed jack o’lantern peppers!

Pumpkin Peppers

Have you ever had stuffed peppers? We LOVE them! We’ve got various recipes on the site for these – you can try our fire-roasted stuffed red peppers, turkey & quinoa stuffed peppers, or our cheesy homesyle Italian stuffed peppers. But none of them are nearly as cute as these little “pumpkin peppers”.

These jack o’lantern stuffed peppers are the the perfect Halloween dinner food before you get started carving pumpkins – whether you’re having a pumpkin carving party with a big group of friends or just a fun family night at home! Get the recipe here –> Jack O’ Lantern Stuffed Peppers 

But now let’s talk about the rest of the fun pumpkin party foods! After all, what’s a great party without some awesomely themed food? So read on for some spooktacular Halloween party fun, including pumpkin party food ideas like a guacamole puking pumpkin, pumpkin patch brownies, and easy jack o’lantern soda!

Halloween Pumpkin Party Dips 

You know how much we love a good dip recipe, right?! I’m ALL about the dips at parties, largely because they are SO easy to make while also being a favorite among guests. So, I had to do some Halloween-themed dips for our pumpkin carving party, starting with the classic “puking pumpkin”. Would you dare to dip in this guacamole?! Guacamole Puking PumpkinBlah! I mean, does it get more “Halloween” than a jack o’lantern barfing guacamole? It’s so awesome and SO easy to make! You just need a pie pumpkin (or larger if you’re doing a bigger spread), avocados (or already made guac), and RO*TEL® Original Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies! The RO*TEL adds some great flavor (and chunks, lol) to the guac. Guacamole Barfing PumpkinYou’ll start the process by carving the pumpkin (cleaning out the guts first). You can make the eyes any way you like, but you’ll definitely want a round/oblong shape for the mouth. Place the pumpkin on a serving tray and then spread the guacamole out from the mouth of the jack o’lantern down the tray. So easy and the perfect dip pumpkin carving party dip! Jack o'lantern throwing up guacamoleYou need chips for that guac, so you’ll want to be sure to have some out on your party table. And, blue corn tortilla chips are PERFECT for Halloween parties since they really look black. So, we served up a big bowl of these “black” tortilla chips and added another super easy & classic dip recipe to the party with 2-ingredient quesoblack tortilla chips and quesoIf you’re uneasy about dipping in the “guacamole barf”, this queso dip is one that you can definitely dare to dip in! In fact, you might not be able to resist! It’s so good and so easy whip up! Black tortilla chip dipping in queso

Easy Pumpkin Party Treats

It’s not a complete party without some fun desserts and sweet treats though. And that is especially true this time of year, right?! We had to have some festive Halloween desserts! And I love how it turned out!
Pumpkin Party DessertsJust like with the dips, the goal was keeping this all EASY but yet really fun & tasty! So, I got store bought cupcakes with black and orange frosting to fit with our party theme colors. Then, I just topped them with little sugar jack o’lantern decorations. You could also just top them with the classic mellowcreme candy pumpkins if you can’t find other decorations. Halloween Pumpkin TreatsAnd since the theme was a pumpkin carving party, I thought our pumpkin patch brownies were a must-have! These little decorated brownies are also SO easy to make. You can always buy store bought brownies too to cut down on prep time (that’s what I did)!

In addition to fun treats, you need a fun Halloween drink for your pumpkin carving party! Again, my goal was quick & EASY prep! So while you could make a special Mad Scientist punch or Witch’s Brew, I kept things simple by doing jack o’lantern soda bottles! Jack o'Lantern Soda BottlesAll you need to do is remove the labels from the 2-liter bottles of your favorite orange soda. Then use a sharpie to draw the jack o’lantern faces on to the bottles! SO easy and the perfect Halloween drink! And I love how cute the jack o’lantern bottles look peeking out over the food on the table!

Fun right?! So, hopefully that gives you some fun ideas for your own pumpkin carving party or just any Halloween party in general! For even more spooktacular ideas, click here:  Dare to Dip Halloween Party Food Ideas. And if you’d like a completely different Halloween party idea, you could try a Mad Scientist Lab Party!



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