Apple Snickers Salad

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With just 3 ingredients and no baking required, this Apple Snickers Salad is SO good and super easy to make! The creamy & crunchy combination of apple, chocolate, peanut, and caramel flavors compliment each other SO well that this dessert is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Apple Snickers SaladMmmm! Doesn’t it look SO good?! This is on of our go-to desserts around here because it’s no-bake and comes together in just minutes! Plus it’s one that just about everyone seems to love! I was introduced to it years ago by friends in the Midwest and was honestly shocked at how good it was! So, I first posted this recipe here on the blog in 2013 and it’s a popular one!

Dessert Salad? 

Ok, now really the term “salad” here is used loosely–as in, just some ingredients mixed together in a bowl. Much like, Watergate Salad or Ambrosia Salad, it’s a sweet concoction. So really, this dish is just another great no-bake dessert. But, I’ve only ever heard it with the name salad in it: “Apple Snickers Salad”, “Caramel Apple Snickers Salad”, “Candy Bar Salad”, “Candy Bar Apple Salad”…the list goes on and on! So, “dessert salad” it is! 😉 Apple Snickers Dessert Salad

How to Make Apple Snickers Salad

On top of being no-bake, I LOVE that you just need 3 main ingredients to make this dish: apples, Snickers candy bars, and whipped topping! You can add some caramel sauce drizzled on the top to make it prettier for serving, but it’s not necessary!Snickers Apple SaladYou just chop the apples and candy bars up into small bite-sized pieces and mix! SO easy! I prefer Granny Smith apples in this for more tartness and less sweet. But, you could really use any apples you like!  I also love the green pop of color in it! Snickers Apple SaladOnce you have everything chopped up, you’ll just mix it together with 1 tub of whipped topping. You can use a fat-free version to lower the calories if you want! You can also look for TruWhip topping instead (it’s all natural, with no hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup)! So, that’s it – a SUPER easy recipe that tastes delicious!

After mixing, just pop it in the fridge so everything is nice and cold! Just note that this recipe doesn’t keep well for long. It was ok the next day, but any longer than that and the leftovers aren’t so good. So, you’ll want to eat it as quickly as you can! Also, for some extra flair for serving, you can top with some whipped cream and caramel drizzle! Candy Bar Dessert Salad

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Apple Snickers Salad
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Apple Snickers Salad

With just 3 ingredients and no baking required, this Apple Snickers Salad is SO good and super easy to make! The creamy & crunchy combination of apple, chocolate, peanut, and caramel flavors compliment each other SO well that this dessert is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
Prep Time5 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Servings: 6 -8
Author: Sara @ Mom Endeavors


  • 3 green apples
  • 3-4 Snickers candy bars
  • 1 tub whipped topping
  • *Optional: Caramel sauce whipped cream


  • Wash, core, and cut apples into small bite-size pieces (you can toss the apples with a bit of lemon juice to prevent browning if desired).
  • Chop Snickers bars into small chunks.
  • In a medium serving bowl, dump chopped apples & candy bar pieces. Then, fold in the whipped topping until everything is well-mixed.
  • If desired, top with whipped cream and caramel drizzle.
  • Keep refrigerated until ready to serve!


This is best eaten the same day as prepared. The leftovers are usually ok the next day, but much longer than that and it's not as great. But that's ok, because it generally gets eaten up quickly - perfect for parties and pot lucks!
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    1. I know, right?! I have no idea who originally discovered this delicious concoction, but it’s a good one. It’s an old popular recipe–especially in the midwest! 🙂

  1. My husband loves fruit salads and I bet he’d love this! Thank you for linking up at the Weekend Kitchen Link Party last week — be sure to link up this weekend too (ends Monday at midnight).

  2. Love it, our fancy grocery sore sold a version last fall for $5.99 lb. it was just like this recipe! But would rather make it fresh and save dollars too! thanks for the recipe!

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