20+ Caramel & Candy Apple Recipes

During the Fall, some sort of caramel and/or candy apple flavors are a must right?! I love making any kind of apple recipes this time of year! But, the candy and caramel apple treats really are just so fun. So I decided to round up some of the best caramel apple and candy apple recipe ideas our there. There are so many fun creations – not just your traditional caramel/candy apple on a stick!Caramel Candy Apple Recipes

Don’t those look good? I love all the different twists on some classic flavors! The caramel apple nachos are such a fun & easy one to make! And, the Candy Apple Dessert Trifle is always a HUGE hit around here (anytime of year) – my kids LOVE this! We’ve actually never made full caramel/candy apples on a stick before, so we might be trying that for a fun project this year! Those Snow White “Poisoned Apples” would be SO fun for Halloween!!

Do you love caramel/candy apples? Which apple recipe do you want to try first? 

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