Disney FROZEN Themed Breakfast & Mini Party Ideas #FrozenFun

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CB-sponsored-post-white-script-600Disney Frozen PosterHave you seen all the previews for Disney’s newest movie, FROZEN? It opens this Wednesday, November 27th and we are SO excited! I actually have seen a  Disney FROZNE sneak AT Disney Animation Studios! What I’ve seen so far is SO good (and the animated short is AMAZING)! In fact, the boys and I actually get to go see it tonight! It’s all they’ve been talking for at least a week! They’ve watched all the previews and already love Olaf the silly snowman & Sven the reindeer. So, to add to our excitement, I surprised the boys with a whole FROZEN-themed breakfast (complete with some fun FROZEN toys) before we headed up for a day of real, frozen fun in the snow! Disney Frozen Themed Breakfast & Mini Party IdeasWhile shopping at Walmart, I discovered some great Disney FROZEN merchandise that I knew the boys would love! This was just a sampling of everything I found:

Disney Frozen toys at WalmartThe dolls sure are fun, but I knew the boys would absolutely love the figurines and the swirling snow sled! They love playing with little figures, letting their imagination run wild and re-enacting movies. So I knew those were must-haves! Disney FROZEN toysThen, while browsing through the seasonal Christmas section, I found the talking plush Olaf. The boys think he’s absolutely hilarious and I thought Baby Brother would have so much fun playing with him. So, I couldn’t resist adding Olaf to our collection. The boys of course would have loved just getting to play with the new toys, but I wanted to make things a little more fun and surprise them with a whole themed meal! Since we were headed out on a road trip for some snowy, real-life frozen fun, I decided that a FROZEN themed breakfast would be perfect! Here was the scene when they came downstairs: Disney Frozen Breakfast IdeasThere were numerous squeals of delight! Doing a special pre-movie mini party (sort of like we did for Monsters University) was just too much fun to resist! I served up a variety of FROZEN-themed fun foods that the boys loved! Disney FROZEN Snowballs fun foodServing up some edible “snowballs” couldn’t have been easier! All you need is some powdered sugar doughnut holes! Add in a little Olaf or Sven figurine for extra fun! Olaf Snowman Banana TreatsHa! The boys thought these were great! And, they’re SO easy to make! For 6, I used two bananas cut in even-thickness chunks. Slide a lollipop stick through 3 chunks for a basic snowman shape. Then, decorate. Since Olaf was some big fun eyes, I used candy eyeballs (mini chocolate chips could also work well). You could cut a small carrot chunk for the nose, but we happened to have some mini Reese’s pieces candies. So, I used those for the nose and his buttons (large chocolate chips would probably work better since the candy started sort melting on the banana). Then, stick in some pretzel pieces for Olaf’s arms and his little “hair” tuft! Reindeer WafflesAnd, last but not least, we had some Sven reindeer waffles! 😉 These are easy to make with just your standard frozen waffles. I used 4 waffles to make two reindeer (plus a few left over pieces that went to Baby Brother). I made reindeer waffles in a Christmas muffin tin meal once that was a big hit. For this, I used cream cheese & Reese’s pieces for the eyes. Plus, cut fruit leather for the nose. The boys loved them! Of course, the real hit was all the toys though! They were so excited to play! Disney Frozen FigurinesOnce breakfast was over, we loaded into the car for our roadtrip up north to the snow (yes, it snows in Arizona!). The new toys and coloring books were perfect for our winter roadtrip. They kept the boys occupied on our two-hour car ride. And, then we had fun in our own frozen wonderland. We even brought our new FROZEN toys with us in the snow! 😉  Disney Frozen toys in the snowSo much #FrozenFun, right?! Now we are beyond excited to go see the movie!!

You can find any of the FROZEN merchandise seen in the post (a lots more) in the Walmart Toys section! And, for more from FROZEN, you can fol­low along on Face­book, Twit­ter, and the offi­cial web­site!

Are YOU (or your kiddos) excited for this new Disney movie?

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