DIY Star Wars Darth Maul Costume

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Our family Star Wars Halloween costumes were a BIG hit! We’ve already shared directions for making your own simple BB-8 costume, our simple no-sew Jedi tunics, and an easy DIY Darth Vader costume! So, we couldn’t resist sharing our Darth Maul costume – perfect for any Star Wars fans who want to be one of the most recognizable villains.
diy-star-wars-darth-maul-costumeReally, the absolute KEY thing for Darth Maul is the red face, black lines, and horns. Obviously, for true cosplay, this would be done with some great makeup. But for little kids, there was NO way I was attempting a face paint job! We needed something much easier than that! So, I was inspired to make a Darth Maul mask by my friend Michele at the Scrap Shoppe Blog and her Darth Maul costume. This is totally the way to go when working on a costume for kids! Then, they can even dress up anytime, not just on Halloween. diy-darth-maul-costumeSo, to make a DIY Darth Maul mask like this, here’s what you’ll need (some affiliate links included below):

  • Devil Makeup Kit (or plastic devil horns – you’ll need at least 3)!
  • 1 large red felt sheet
  • cream/bone colored felt (1 small sheet)
  • hot glue
  • black sharpie marker
  • scissors
  • elastic


DIY Darth Maul Mask Instructions:

To make the mask, you’ll start by cutting the red felt for the face of the person you’re making the mask for. I decided to make the mask come down to right at the top lip line and the extend down & over to the jaw line. For the top, you’ll want to go to about the hair line to make sure there is room to put the horns. Remember, you can always cut some off if it’s too big, so leave it bigger to begin with and cut down if needed. Once you have the general shape, then attach the elastic to the back. You want some right at the ears so it will help wrap those jaw line pieces around. Then, figure out where to cut eye slits. Start smaller (because you can always cut more off to make them bigger). Then, use a close-up photo of Darth Maul (just do a Google search to find one) to draw on the black designs on to the felt. If you have a cooperative kid, it works best to you could even put the mask on their face while you lightly sketch the designs on (to get the placement right) and then color in darker. diy-darth-maul-maskDo NOT worry about your designs being “perfect. Everyone will get the general idea! 🙂 Once you have the main part of the mask done, you need to get the horns to really make the costume. All the horns we found were black. So, you’ll want to cover the black part of the horns to make them look like bone. I hot-glued cream colored felt round the horns. Then, colored the bottom just a bit with black to make it look more authentic. making-darth-maul-maskOnce you have all the horns done, then you’ll cut small holes in the felt where you’d like the horns to be. You’ll push the horns in through the hole, from the back of the mask. Once you have those where you want them, hot glue them to the mask. And that’s it!! Mask is done! On Halloween night, Little Brother did ask me to paint his chin to complete the look. But that was MUCH less stressful than doing a whole face! diy-maul-costumeTo really make the look then, you’ll want a hooded cape or jedi robe. You could make a full DIY robe, but we went the easy (and cheap) route with the hooded cape. The hood then can rest right on the top of the mask/horns, to really make the look. For a costume then, you could do just blank pants and a long sleeved black shirt. But, we happened to have an extra Kylo Ren costume. I just altered that a bit and we added the hooded cloak. Perfect and easy!!

And that’s it! There you have a whole Darth Maul costume! Fun right?! Little Brother absolutely LOVED this costume! And I happen to think he’s about as cute as Darth Maul can get! 😉 For more Star Wars fun, you can see our whole family Star Wars costumes here!

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