Homemade Burrito Bowls with Crockpot Green Chile Chicken

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Crockpot (or slow cooker) meals are some of my favorite. It’s SO nice to just toss in some ingredients and come back hours later to the makings of a nice meal. So, I’m sharing an easy slow cooker chicken idea that is perfect for using as filling in burritos, enchiladas, or homemade burrito bowls – crockpot green chile chicken! Slow Cooker Green Chile Chicken Burrito BowlsMaking this chicken really couldn’t be easier! You just need 3 things – chicken breasts, green chile enchilada sauce, and cream cheese! For a fairly large pot of it, I put in 6 good-sized chicken breasts, 1 can green chile enchilada sauce, and 1 8oz package of cream cheese cut into chunks. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.  Crockpot Green Chile ChickenOnce the chicken is cooked, it should just fall apart. You’ll be able to shred it up right in the slow cooker. While it may not look overwhelming tasty, I promise it’s delish! It really is a great filling for tortillas to do homemade burrito or enchiladas. shredded green chili chickenOne night, we actually went rather simple and more low-carb with just adding the slow cooked green chile chicken over black beans. It was delicious and perfect for scooping up with some tortilla chips! Green Chile Chicken & Black BeansThat was really tasty. But, then we were craving some Chipotle. Instead of going out and buying take-out, it was SO easy to great a homemade burrito bowl here at home with the green chile chicken. In a bowl, we just layered shredded lettuce, black beans, the shredded green chile chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and a drizzle of green enchilada sauce. Homemade Chipotle Chicken Burrito BowlSuper yum! Full of flavor, fresh, and homemade! I love that you can make so much with this simple slow cooker recipe! You could even freeze the cooked chicken and defrost when you want some green chile chicken enchiladas or a homemade Chipotle burrito bowl!
Crockpot Green Chile Chicken Burrito Bowls

Now, how about some more delicious crockpot recipes to help make cooking a breeze! I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite food blogging friends to bring you a great list of slow cooker main dish recipes today!

Happy slow cooking! 😉

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