Banana Split Dessert

Patriotic Banana Split DessertEvery time we spend time in the Midwest, there seems to be no shortage of desserts. This summer is no exception. I’ve already shared the delicious homemade strawberry pie and now we’ve got this tasty banana strawberry split dessert. I’d never heard of anything like it, but it seems to be a classic (you know – the kind you find in little old church cookbooks and with tons of variations). Great Summer No Bake DessertThe normal recipe doesn’t called for blueberries. But since it’s summer and so close to the 4th of July, adding blueberries to the top made it seem like such a great patriotic dessert. With or without the blueberries, it’s great for a summer BBQ or fun get-together (4th of July or not). Banana Split DessertOnce cut, that dessert might not be the prettiest…BUT I assure you, it’s quite tasty! And, it’s easy to make! It’s not a heavy dessert either (nor is it overly sweet or rich). Plus, with one easy swap this could be a simple no-bake dessert, making it an especially great summer treat! Here’s the recipe:

Banana Split Dessert
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 6 T butter
  • ¼ C granulated sugar
  • 5 C Rice Krispies cereal
  • 8 ounce package of cream cheese
  • 1 C powdered sugar
  • 3 bananas, sliced
  • 1 pint strawberries (about 2 cups), sliced
  • 8-ounce Cool Whip container
  1. Crust: *Grease bottom of 3-quart baking dish. Combine butter & sugar. Crush rice cereal (yields about 1¾ C). Add cereal crumbs to sugar and butter mixture. Press evenly into the bottom of the baking dish. Bake at 300 for 15 minutes. Cool completely.
  2. Filling: In a small bowl, mix together (until fluffy) cream cheese and sugar. Gently spread filling mixture over the crust. Layer banana & strawberry slices on top of the filling. *Optional - add a small can of crushed pineapple (*drained)
  3. Topping: Spread whipped topping over fruit. Garnish with additional fruit as desired.
*If you want to make this "no-bake" you could actually use a couple of store-bought (or homemade) rice krispies treats pressed down in the bottom of the dish as crust. It really doesn't alter the taste too much.

No Bake Banana Split Dessert

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