Waffles with Fresh Strawberry Sauce

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Do you have a favorite breakfast? I don’t know that we have just one favorite around here, but waffles with a homemade fruit sauce/syrup is definitely one of them! Mmmm…so good! While homemade waffles from scratch are definitely our favorite way to go, the reality is we don’t always have time for that. So, waffles of the frozen variety are consumed often around here. Recently, we had the opportunity to do a little brand comparison between Eggo and First Street (a Smart & Final product) waffles. I love a little head-to-head brand competition, so we participated in a little family blind taste test. #Compareandswap

Right off the bat, shopping for the products (you can view my whole shop on here on Google+) revealed a price difference, with First Street being over $1 less expensive!If you’re stocking up on a product, that could end up being a significant savings. But, the true test for us is in the nutrition facts and of course the taste!

Before the tasting portion of our little comparison, I wanted to see the difference in the nutrition facts for the two brands. There are differences, but as you can see, the differences are minor. So, by just comparing the nutrition facts, there is no clear-cut winner–they’re about equal.

Now then is the time for the true test–taste! I toasted the waffles in the oven and then set everything up on two plates. No one but me knew which was which.

To set up the blind taste test, I made it a little fun for the kids. Since they just had birthdays, I used my letter cookie cutters to cut out “5s” and “2s”–one of each brand and flavor. Then, I cut up the excess from that for little bite sized adult samples!

Try as I might to get a good response from the kids, it was evident that they had no preference. I kept asking Big Brother which one he liked best, but the response I got time after time was, “Mmmm…I like ALL of them!!” LOL! So, I had to move on to Mr. Mom Endeavors’ opinion. So, he sampled from the 4 sections of bites. For the homestyle variety, he actually picked the First Street brand. For the blueberry, he claimed that the one on the right (Eggo) had more blueberry flavor, but that the one on the left (First Street) seemed like it had “more to it”–was more dense. If you look closely at the two different waffles, it is evident that the First Street brand is a bit thicker than Eggo:

Because of that, First Street was my pick too! It seemed to hold up better and get less soggy than the Eggo brand! After our taste test, we went on to have our delish breakfast: waffles stacked up with homemade, fresh strawberry sauce–and topped with whipped cream, of course. Seriously, so good!!

What is YOUR favorite way to have waffles? Do you have a “go-to” brand?

For more info on First Street products or Smart & Final, check them out here:

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #CompareandSwap. All photos, opinions, and experiences are my own.

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  1. I have never used frozen waffles! Always from scratch and baked in the waffle iron. Time consuming at the least, maybe I would have waffles more often if they did not take so long to prepare! And I LOVE waffles. Fresh fruit and whpped cream usually win when i order out. At home it is butter and peanut butter 🙂 LOL

  2. I will have to try these frozen waffles. I like to make them from scratch…but usually have waffles in the frig for those school mornings. Yeah for first street!

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