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Stroller at DisneyFor our recent trip to Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms celebration, we took a new stroller with us. People often ask about bringing/using strollers at Disney and I always say “absolutely, YES”!  And, when traveling with 2 or more kids that are all young ages, a double stroller is a must. Joovy sent us the ScooterX2 for review just before the trip and we were excited to test it out at Disney. Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller ReviewSo, before we get into the experience of using it on the trip, let’s talk the features of the Joovy ScooterX2. Just one look at the specs/features and you can see that it sounds really good for a double stroller. Here’s some details from the website…

  • Huge Canopy – The Scooter includes Joovy’s signature oversized canopy with a retractable sun visor – for maximum protection from the elements.
  • Independent, Fully Adjustable, Deep Reclining Seats – The one hand recline system locks in infinite positions all the way down to 149° for a near flat napping position. Each seat reclines independently to allow for different recline positions. Each seat also has its own in-seat mesh pocket (perfect for storing cups & toys)
  • Easy, one hand flat fold. Folded dimensions are 30″ wide x 37″ long x 17″ high.
  • Cup Holders – The ScooterX2 has two cup holders and two zippered pockets for parents.
  • Linked Brakes – The ScooterX2 has linked rear brakes adding extra security when the stroller is parked.
  • Large Basket – The large basket is absolutely giant compared to other strollers in this price range with incredibly easy access.
  • Removable bumper bar (with removable & washable cover!!)
  • Sealed bearings, allowing for easy pushing of two kids totaling 90 pounds

And the added bonus is that at only 30″ wide, the stroller fits through just about any doorway. We’ve only encountered one doorway so far that we couldn’t get the stroller through.

That all sounds great, right?! Let’s take a look at some of those features from our experience at Disneyland! Joovy ScooterX2 Double StrollerFirst up, check out that canopy! It really is HUGE and was great for protecting that precious little baby skin from the sun. Many other strollers I’ve used don’t have anywhere near that kind of coverage. So, that feature is one I really like, especially when we’re using the stroller outside for long periods of time (like at Disney). You can also see the large storage basket underneath. Now, in reality, it isn’t the largest basket I’ve seen on a stroller. However, compared to every other double stroller we’ve ever used, the storage space is AMAZING! Here’s a look at the back in-use: Double Stroller at DisneyYou can see some sodas we grabbed from our special Cars Land breakfast event in the cup holders. Right underneath the cup holders (covered up by my camera bag) are two zipper pouches (I LOVED having these pouches for small things we didn’t want to fall out). In the basket, we have a baby carrier, jackets for everyone, Baby Brother’s blanket, and water bottles. The backpack and camera bag also fit in as well (I just happened to have the camera bag hanging over the back for easy access to my lenses). That’s a lot of storage space! But, the stroller is NOT overly bulky and feels rather light to push (especially for a large double stroller). We fit through the doorway in the hotel room just fine, which was perfect every night as the two littles would fall asleep in the stroller! Disneyland Hotel StrollerThat photo is taken in the doorway to our room at the Disneyland Hotel. You can see that the stroller clears the doorway just fine. Also, you can see that those kiddos had no problem getting comfy in the stroller. The seats are NOT reclined here as the boys fell asleep while walking back the hotel. So, we just didn’t bother with dropping the seats back. You can see that there really was NO problem with naptime in the stroller! 😉 Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller at DisneyThe ScooterX2 really was perfect for everything we needed in the park. It was easy to navigate (even through crowds), kept the boys comfortable, and could hold a bunch of our gear. It worked great for parade viewing too! Disneyland Parade WatchingSo, after trying this stroller out at Disneyland (and using it at home for the last month), I can say this is my absolute FAVORITE non-jogger double stroller that I’ve ever used (and no, I am NOT just saying that). Disneyland was our first time using it, but it’s been our go-to stroller for outings ever since. Really the only downside for us was the lack of the snack tray. We often like to feed the little guy in the stroller (as opposed to dealing with high chairs) while we’re out. But, there wasn’t even an optional removable snack tray offered with this. So, if there was a way to add that on, that would be a nice addition. Even with that lacking though, we are REALLY pleased with this stroller & I highly recommend it!

The stroller currently comes in three color choices, which you can purchase from or on Amazon. And, you can keep up with the lat­est news, deals, and prod­ucts by fol­low­ing along with Joovy on  face­book and twit­ter.

Disclosure: I was pro­vided with the item shown above for the pur­poses of review. As always, all opin­ions and expe­ri­ences are entirely my own.

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  1. I Love this double stroller! It’s a terrific double stroller for what it does. You will not find another on the market that can hold two babies comfortably with so seating options. Thanks

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