Spider-Man Spiderweb Pretzel Pops

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For our Spider-Man family fun night, I immediately knew I wanted to do some sort of twist on my ever-popular spiderweb pretzels! My first thought was to do red & blue webs. But, I had trouble finding dark blue candy melts! 🙁 So, I had to settle for just red webs. To incorporate some of Spidey’s blue, I just frosted the chocolate spiders with some blue decorator’s icing. Perfect!

If you’re not sure how to make the spiderweb pretzel treats, you’ll want to click that link to get all of the step-by-step directions! They’re really easy and a big hit with the kids! 🙂 To make the Spider-Man variety, you’ll just need red (or blue) for the candy/chocolate melts.

But, the big change from my previous spider web pretzel treats was adding a stick. The boys have been obsessed with lollipops lately. I don’t know what the big draw is, but it was their favorite Halloween candy out of everything in their bags! So, they thought the idea of Spider-Man lollipops was about the best thing ever! Adding the stick was easy–I just laid it down with the pretzels and it got coated in the melting candy coating also.These were the perfect Spider-Man party treats and SO easy for the boys to eat since they were on a stick! Who knew that spiderweb lollipops would be such a great treat?! 😉 The boys LOVED them!!!

So, if you have little Spider-Man fans at home like these guys (even though they’ve never even seen a Spider-Man movie or cartoon yet), these Spider-Man pretzel pops are sure to be a HUGE hit! 🙂

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