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Disney Frozen Toys for BoysHave you seen Disney’s FROZEN yet? We absolutely love this movie! I had the pleasure of seeing a good chunk of it (unfinished) at Disney Animation Studios in August and I instantly fell in love with it. And now we’ve had the pleasure of seeing it twice in theaters (you can read our full review here —> Disney’s FROZEN Movie Review). The boys love this movie! In fact, they are already asking when we can buy it for home!

Since the story line centers around two princesses, there is understandably a lot of merchandise geared toward girls -Barbie-style dolls, gorgeous princess dress-up clothes, etc. But, I assure you there are some fun options aside from the typical “princess” stuff that little boys (and many little girls) would love too – especially for the Olaf, Sven, & Kristoff fans. So, here’s a list of some of the best Disney FROZEN toys for boys – perfect for holiday gifts (some of these items are Disney Store exclusives, and others can be found at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. I received some of the items shown from the Disney Store).

  • Sven Plush – 16″ ($19.95) The boys love Sven! So, I know this plush version is going to be a big hit. And, in fact, Christopher (our Elf on the Shelf) and Sven are friends! The boys are going to be soooo excited if Christopher decides to ride Sven into the house one night! 😉 Disney Frozen Elf on the Shelf idea #elfontheshelf
  • Kristoff Plush Doll – 21″ ($19.95)We’ve ordered this fun Kristoff doll, so he can arrive with Sven one night! Little Brother loves Kristoff. So, I think he will adopt Kristoff very quickly! Disney Frozen Kristoff Plush Doll
  • Olaf plush – 9″ ($14.95) – Isn’t this little Olaf just perfect for giving warm hugs? He’s just the perfect little size and Baby Brother should love finding this cuddly Olaf in his stocking on Christmas morning! Disney Store Olaf Plush
  • Kristoff & Hans Classic Dolls – 12″ ($16.95) – Another great stocking stuffer option are the Kristoff and/or Hans classic dolls! The quality & details on these dolls is great! I think these will be fun for some imaginative play! Disney FROZEN Kristoff & Hans
  • Disney Frozen Figurine Playsets  ($12.95-$29.95) – The Disney Store sells two different playset options (one with a sled & one without), featuring some of the boys’ favorite characters. We got the playsets shown below at Walmart, which the boys already got during our special Disney Frozen breakfast! My boys love little “action figures”, so these have been a big hit!
    Disney FROZEN toys
  • Olaf 1-2-3 Board Book – This would be such a cute gift idea for the littlest Frozen fans! It would make an adorable little gift set with the plush Olaf above! Disney Frozen Olaf Book
  •  Olaf PJ Pal for Boys ($16.95) – New pajamas are a gift tradition for so many this month. In fact, we usually do new matching jammies for Christmas Eve. So, these Olaf jammies would be adorable for little boys. I know that ours are going to love them! Olaf Pajamas

Aren’t all those items fun?! It’s definitely not all princess merchandise!! We’ve also found some coloring books & books that the boys love. In addition, you can snag some free Frozen printables & activity sheets here. For more Frozen merchandise ideas, you can follow the Disney Store on Facebook!

What Disney Frozen toys would your kids like best?

Disclosure: I received some of the items shown above for the purposes of review. As always, all opinions, experiences, and love of Disney are entirely my own.

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12 Responses

  1. I have been wanting to see Frozen since I saw the 1st trailer months ago. What Fun.
    Love the toys that work for boys!

  2. It really breaks my heart to see so many folks posting things like this, referencing toys that are “for girls” or “for boys”. Aren’t toys for all kids? My daughter would love to play with any of these, just as some of her little guy friends will join her in playing “house” or princesses. Unfortunately, our society continues to label toys for girls and boys. My daughter was swamped with princess gifts on her birthday, and while she likes princesses, she likes many other things and was disappointed to think she was limited to “princess stuff”. Let’s empower our kids to be more than blue and pink.

    1. I completely understand that many of these toys are things girls would absolutely love as well. As a little girl, I would have loved the Sven & Olaf stuffed animals. But, the reality is that certain products/toys/characters/movies/etc. are indeed marketed toward one gender or the other. As a mom of all boys, I heard SO many people saying, “but aren’t all the FROZEN toys for girls”? So, that’s why I focused the post the way I did. I think it’s completely fine if boys want to play with princess stuff (mine have the princess figurines and love them), but many little boys won’t identify with the girl characters as much….the barbie-style dolls, the frilly dress-up clothes, etc. So, I simply wanted parents to know that there were other options that focused on the male characters. That’s not to say that girls won’t or can’t like it or play with it or anything like that….it’s simply showing some options that work better for boys than princess dress-up clothes!

  3. My son has already seen the movie twice too and a ton of these are on his list – we just got the Disney Infinity Frozen playset so I know he will be so excited!

  4. Those are so cute, and yes, it’s true, some toys are marketed for one gender or the other. Nothing wrong with a boy playing with a doll or a girl playing with a truck, but they’re not typically marketed that way.

  5. Thank you for mentioning that these toys can be for either boys or girls. My 6 year old son and his friend, also a boy, really want the Elsa Sparkle doll for Christmas. They think her powers are cool! They pretend to freeze things when they play outside. They are not interested in the male dolls since they really don’t do anything cool. Not just boy or girl toys. Labeling toys for a specific gender is really doing our children a disservice. The 2 top toys my son wants are Thor with a light up hammer and Elsa. Balance is beautiful. 🙂 My son is disgusted by the pink aisle at Toys R Us because, as he says, “A lot of these toys boys like too and maybe they won’t want to buy them because they are pink. Some girls don’t like pink either. Can’t they just make toys normal colors for everyone?”

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