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It’s the day after Thanksgiving, which for us means it’s a full day of Christmas decorating and holiday prep! Do you decorate with a particular plan in place? Do you prep the house with guests mind? On the Lowe’s website here, you’ll find a whole bunch of project ideas to help ensure a holiday ready home for guests. In fact, a few weeks ago, I shared some home decorating tips and awesome projects from Lowe’s following the Lowe’s Holiday Ready Home live webcast.  We usually have friends over a various points during the month of December, as well as out of town family. Making sure our house is decorated nicely & prepped for guests is important.  So, here are a few tips for getting the house ready for guests during the holiday season!Lowe's Deck the Halls Party1. CLEAN. Do a really thorough cleaning of the house now. Then, you’ll just need to do maintenance cleaning during the month and won’t feel stressed if guests drop by or the night before parties! 🙂

2. ORGANIZE & PURGE. Tackle an organization project or two to free up space, take inventory, and purge unwanted stuff. It makes things look so much nicer and it’s great to have extra space before the holidays. We just tackled a HUGE overhaul of the garage (I’ll be sharing more of that in the upcoming months). And, we did a whole organization makeover in the pantry. It’s amazing how much difference some small changes can make! Organized Pantry

3. INVITING ENTRY WAY. Whether you have a front porch, deck, yard, or just a front door, making it festive and inviting is such a nice way to greet guests. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but entry way decor really sets the tone. Last year, we made some topiary Christmas trees that I just love. They look great in our front entry! DIY Decorative Topiary Christmas Trees4. HAVE GUEST ITEMS AVAILABLE. Make sure you have items for guests on hand – cute boxes of tissues, extra toilet paper in the bathroom, holiday themed soaps, maybe even some personal gifts. You could even have some holiday spice bath salts to have in the bathroom or a fun candy/gum bouquet out for guests to share.

What are YOUR tips for prepping the house for holiday guests? Let us know below and you have a chance to win a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card!!! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below! $50 Lowe's Gift Card
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Dis­clo­sure:  As a mem­ber of the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas Cre­ators & Influ­encers Net­work, this is part of a spon­sored cam­paign with Lowe’s.  I received a Lowe’s gift card to com­plete my projects. How­ever, all ideas, opin­ions, & expe­ri­ences are entirely my own.

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  1. My favorite holiday guest tips to to leave out a basket of items they can use when staying the night like soaps and shampoos.

  2. I love to add different decorations like ornaments on the presents under the Christmas tree. I also like decorating my fireplace with real Christmas tree garland and ornaments.

  3. Keep an assortment of nuts, olives, crackers, cheese, and cookies or candies for unexpected guests. Just put them in pretty glass or silver bowls for a pretty presentation and great snacks without a lot of work!

  4. I like to decorate the inside of my house with lights and I put small Christmas trees in a few corners.

  5. I love to wrap our pictures on the wall with Christmas wrapping paper and ribbons and bows! Then I hang them back up!

  6. Put bottles of water in the guest’s room in case they get thirsty or have to take medicine, etc. It’s just handy.

  7. dried Okra can be painted and used as a decoration as well as pinecones and two old style clothes pins can be glued and turned into a reindeer.

  8. I love to put small glass ornament balls intermingled with tinsel or garland into glass vases and jars it is very pretty and stylish, if it has a lid keeps cats out or you can put plastic wrap and tie with a bow or like to keep the cats from tearing apart your decorations..

  9. What is your favorite holiday guest/decor tip?

    INVITING ENTRY WAY. Whether you have a front porch, deck, yard, or just a front door, mak­ing it fes­tive and invit­ing is such a nice way to greet guests. It can be as sim­ple or elab­o­rate as you want, but entry way decor really sets the tone. Last year, we made some top­i­ary Christ­mas trees that I just love. They look great in our front entry!

    wont work here though

  10. I like to save the sweet Santa photos we get from friends and family, but what to do with them all? I finally made a Santa display, with Santa photos in red (only) frames and Santa figures placed among the photos. I look for paintable frames in all shapes and sizes at the thrift stores during the year. Too fun!

  11. Its hard to decorate with pets! Small things placed up high where cats and dogs can’t reach are best.

  12. I love to bake, so when I have time at the beginning of the month before all the craziness begins. I like to bake some breads, muffins cookies that will freeze well. That way I have goodies available to pull out for guests or up coming parties. Same thing can be done with meals and be stored in the freezer.

  13. I like to have bagged treats or candy canes by my door with a note that says “Thank you for sharing the holiday season with us! Merry Christmas!” Then whenever guests stop by, I have a little gift to give them.

  14. During the holidays I like to use natural wreaths so the house smells of pine. I also like to setup guest towels with guest soaps in the bathroom

  15. Each year I find myself simplifying more and more. Also, I try to place all ‘like’ items together to make my decorations look more cohesive. For example, my small Christmas tree collection is together, all the angels are in one spot, and all the snowflake items are in another area.

  16. i like to leave a pile of magazines & catalogs in the guest room for them to read while they are staying. Plus I also love to leave a welcome gift in the guest room.

  17. My tip is to buy small items throughout the year when they are on sale..wrap them close to Christmas and keep them on hand for unexpected company so that they will have a nice gift to take home!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Leaving over the counter remedies to common ailments out in a decorative box/basket in the bathroom. It is a party and people may over indulge so things like Tums, Aspirin, etc. can be appreciated.

  19. My holiday guest decor tip is to have a nice wreath on the front door. It’s the first thing your guest will see before they come in and it will get them in the Christmas spirit!

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