Simple DIY Party Hats

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With New Year’s Eve coming up this week, it’s the perfect time to share these cute DIY party hats!
DIY Party HatsWith the silver and gold glitter polka dots, these cute little hats seem perfect for your New Year’s festivities. But, with different paper, you can customize these for any party occasion. Using an old or inexpensive party hat as your template, you can easily make these anytime with just a few supplies!

Party Hat Materials-
Card stock in pattern/theme of your choice (White with gold glitter polka dots in this case)
A old party hat (or dollar store hat)
Larger glittery Pom-Pom ball
Hot glue gun
thin elastic or twine
DIY New Year's Party HatsDIY Party Hat Directions:

1. Open up your old party hat (so it lays flat) and remove the string.
2. Trace the hat shape on the back of the card stock.
3. Cut out the traced hat.
4. Fold the cut hat into a cone, and hot glue the ends together.
5. Hot glue the glittered Pom-Pom onto the top of your hat.
6. Cut a small hole on the bottom of each side of the hat.
7. Lace the elastic (or string) through the holes and tie the ends on each side into a large knot (you can
add a dab of hot glue to make sure it holds if you’d like).
8. Repeat the steps til you’ve made as many as you need.

So simple & easily customizable to ANY party theme that you’re having!!!

Simple DIY Party Hats

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