Pantry Organization {Pantry Challenge Finale}

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Almost a month ago, I shared with you about participating in the Pantry Challenge. Now, we’ve reached the end of January and thus the “official” end to the challenge.

With the first trimester just recently coming to an end, I was a little more ambitious in my original goals than I was able to complete. Thanks to some still lingering bouts of evening nausea and certain foods just grossing me out, there was just no way that we were able to use up everything in the upright freezer & defrost. But, we did manage to use up some random odds & ends, get rid of items that needed to get purged,  take inventory of what we have, and thankfully get the pantry reorganized!

So, as a reminder, here was the BEFORE:

Yikes! It was bad! There were clear attempts at organization that had long-since been abandoned. Thankfully though, an additional wire rack for the door (shown in the Simple Organizing Solutions post), a few clear bins, and a bit of purging led to this:


SOOoooo much better! It’s nothing fancy…nothing that would grace the pages of some magazine with beautiful matching baskets. But, compared to what we had it’s rather beautiful to me! 🙂 I can find EVERYTHING. And, everything has its place. I’m loving the large wire rack we placed on the door. It’s filled with some kid snacks and various baking items that I was always “missing” or forgetting we had! And, even though they’re nothing fancy, the addition of the inexpensive (less than $5 for 3 from Lowe’s) clear bins and labels makes a big difference!

It’s great to have that back in working order! And, I’m glad to see such simple little organization solutions are making such a big difference for us. Thankfully, I’m feeling MUCH better and am looking forward to tackling more of these little organization projects and hoping that we can now get back on track with meal planning! 🙂

Did you tackle any organization projects this month?


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4 Responses

  1. YEAh !!! Great job and thanks for the inspiration. I started with one pantry closet. That moved some things into another, which then had to be done. While I was on a roll I also did two cabinets and the coat closet!. Thank you for the nudge to get it done. It is so nice to be able to find things and I was amazed at what I did find ….. LOL. Now on to the refigerator/freezer.
    Have a great day. Hugs….

    1. Carol, that’s so great! 🙂 It’s amazing what can get done when the “organization” bug bites! I’m hoping to tackle the freezer next too as well! 🙂

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