5 Furniture Tips for Family-Friendly Rooms

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Deciding on nice furniture purchases or family room/living room design can be a bit trickier with little ones in the house! Creating a beautiful, family-friendly space is definitely still attainable, you just need to be a little strategic. So, we’ve partnered with sponsor La-Z-Boy to bring you 5 furniture tips for designing your perfect family room space! Family Friendly Furniture Tips

Furniture Tips for Family-Friendly Room Design:

  1. Quality, Stain-Resistant Fabrics are key! Don’t be afraid to invest in quality, durable furniture just because kids are in the house. iClean fabric from La-Z-Boy helps prevents stains so your furniture lasts longer – helping it stand up to the messes and demands of family life. It’s a new product for La-Z-Boy, utilizing new technology that has both repellant and stain release capabilities. iclean La-Z-BoyEveryone with kids knows how it’s virtually impossible to prevent something from spilling on the couch – there’s the inevitable potty accident (or puking accident – my personal LEAST favorite), a grape juice spill (or a red wine spill), food spill – SOMETHING ends up on the furniture. So, iClean fabric really is a great bet! We’ve experimented with some iClean fabric swatches from La-Z-Boy and the fabric really does have some impressive stain-resistant power! The way the liquids bead up on the fabric was incredible!iclean stain technology I let everything to sit for a while (about 20 minutes) to really see if I could get it to stain. There were a few discolored spots at first. But then after a quick wipe down with a wet paper towel, everything was good as new!  iclean fabric stain resistant
  2. Consider darker colors. Even with the amazing power of the iClean technology, you really might want to consider dark fabrics with little ones (especially so if you have pets too). My boys just seem to be dirt magnets! Our light beige recliner (from pre-kids days) is not holding up to the kids nearly as well. So, when we bought new furniture recently, we went with gray! It’s dark, but perfect for this stage of life with 3 cray little boys and a dog!
  3. Have enough comfy seating! With our gray couch, we also decided to go with a sectional! With multiple kids who love to sprawl out, a dog, and a mom (that’s me) who loves parties & entertaining, having enough comfy seating is a MUST! Many of our friends have sectionals too, as they really do work great in family-friendly spaces!La-Z-Boy Ottomans
  4. Have a kid-friendly coffee table. If you have young kids, you might consider having a coffee table with rounded edges or even using a soft sided ottoman as a coffee table for now (you could always set a wooden tray on it for drinks or food)! Where kids are concerned, you never know when someone might fall and smack the corner with their face. Or, maybe fall backwards and split their head open (ask me how I know! Not fun!)!  La-Z-Boy has some great options – some even with the iClean fabric!
  5. Safety – Make sure pieces are attached to the wall!! I cannot do a family-friendly furniture post without talking about this issue. If you have a shelving unit or entertainment center or hutch or china cabinet or armor or ANY piece of furniture that could potentially be tipped over, please make sure you’ve affixed it to the wall with furniture straps. A simple $5 strap likely saved Little Brother’s life (you can read our furniture accident story here).

What are YOUR tips for family-friendly rooms?

For more furniture ideas or more about the iClean technology, be sure to visit La-Z-Boy  and follow along with them on social media: Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Pinterest || Youtube

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with La-Z-Boy. As always, all opinions and experiences are entirely my own.





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