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For elementary school teacher and parents of elementary-aged kiddos, we’ve sharing some great resources and free printables for teaching kids how to tell time thanks to a sponsored partnership with TIMEX!  Teaching Telling Time Resources & PrintablesEven in this digital age, I’m a firm believer that people need to know how to read an analog clock! During my time as a middle school and high school teacher, I was actually SHOCKED to discover how many kids struggled to tell time on a traditional clock (or couldn’t do it at all). As a parent now, telling time on any clock is something that I want my kids to know how to do! So, just like with other skills taught in school (handwriting, cursive, tying shoes, reading, etc), we do extra practice with telling time at home! That practice is now even easier thanks to TIMEX!TIMEX and Scholastic are working together to provide parents with tips and tools to continue their child’s understanding of time-telling and time management at home through the TIMEX Time Machines site! This is such a great resource!

Download the TIMEX Time Machines App – FREE! 

TIMEX has put out this fun app and it’s FREE! Kids LOVE playing games and I love it when their screen time is something educational. I also love that there are NO ads or in-app purchases either! So, using the app can be a really great way to reinforce their learning of telling time! Here’s a basic overview of the different modes and activities:

  • Tutorial mode – learn to tell time with a tutorial that features general concepts such as clockwise, counter-clockwise, function of clock hands, telling time, A.M./P.M., and a simple game analog and digital matching game.
  • Game Mode LEVEL 1: Time Stopper – The clock is spinning and the player is given a time. The player must tap the clock at the specific point when its hands are at the indicated digital time in order to stop it.
  • Game Mode LEVEL 2: Counting Time – Players see a clock with a certain amount of time shaded in (for example, a quarter hour). Using their five-times table, they must tap minute buttons worth X minutes to equal the shaded amount without going over.
  • Game Mode LEVEL 3: Rocket Time – Time, in the form of clock faces, is falling from the top of the screen toward the player’s Time Machine. The player must tap the clock that matches the written time shown at the bottom of their screen. 

Download Free Printable Activities and Templates (for teachers and parents)! 

In addition to a fun app, there are many resources and printable activities on the TIMEX Time Machines site for both parents and teachers. Teachers have access to various lesson plans and student activities suitable for grades 1-3 (parents can take a look at these & download too) like ‘Show Me The Time’, How I Use My Time’, ‘Time for Fun’, etc.

Parents can download and print the following resources –

  • How much time? Practice converting digital time to analog while completing daily tasks with your kids
  • Time to Talk: Learn how to discuss time management and identify what daily tasks you and your child are struggling with.
  • Matching Time: Cut out digital and analog clocks and mix them up with this fun matching game.
  • Let’s Make a Clock: Parents can download free clock templates with instructions for how they can design their own analog clocks with their kids! With cut out hour and minute hands, this fun, at home craft project gives parents a hands on way to reinforce time telling.

Using these resources and incorporating practice at home can be so help! Plus, as children practice telling time, they also strengthen basic math skills, such as skip counting, addition, and subtraction. Telling time also supports the valuable life skill of time management. So, head over to the TIMEX Time Machines site to download any of the resources and get more information!!!

Happy time telling! 

What tips do you have for teaching time to kids? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Timex. The opinions and text are all mine.

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