On the Set of Captain Marvel: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

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Remember a few months ago when I shared my Captain Marvel secret?! I’m so excited that I can now FINALLY share photos and details about our secret visit on the set that took place almost a year ago, while I was in LA for the Avengers: Infinity War Red Carpet World Premiere. Read on for all the details and fun behind-the-scenes photos on the set of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel Secret Set VisitBeing on working sets is always so cool – and especially so with MARVEL movie sets!!  A few years ago, I  had the pleasure of going on set during shooting of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2. which was incredible. Seeing the actors in action, the sets, the props, and all the workings is SO fascinating – especially once you see how it all works with movie magic when the films comes out. So, I was thrilled to get to spend the morning on the Captain Marvel set. Though we weren’t allowed to take any of our own pics (or disclose any details of our visit until today), Chuck Zlotnick (professional photographer for Marvel) did a great job of capturing some fun set visit photos that I get to share with you!

We started our set visit by meeting with Property Master Drew Petrotta let us check out some of the blasters and weapons used in the Kree & Skrull war in the movie. They’re all much more lightweight than they appear (made with plastics and rubber instead of lots of metal). Don’t we look fierce?! 😉 Captain Marvel Blasters On SetWe then got to go check out one of the sets used for the film. It was the inside of a big Skrull ship (used for a key scene in the movie) – super cool! And they even had us each take a turn in the Mind Fracker – though they thankfully didn’t make us hang upside like Brie does in the film! Scary – hahaha! It was SO cool walking around the “ship” (and then seeing that scene in the movie). In the actual movie, you’ll get to see Brie running these halls getting chased by Skrulls! Then, after they showed us around some of that set, we then really got to see some action with Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury) shooting a scene inside a jet. They were dressed just like they are in the set photo below (Brie in the Nine Inch Nails 90s throwback tee). Captain Marvel Brie Samuel On SetAnd the scene we got to watch them shoot was extra fun, because there was another character actor on set -Reggie the Cat. Reggie played Goose in the movie (along with 3 other cats)! It was HILARIOUS watching them shoot take after take (especially hearing Samuel L Jackson use a “baby talk/talk to animals” voice) while trying to get the cat to cooperate and do exactly what he was supposed to. They had to do it quite a few times and poor Brie is allergic to cats. So, she was using hand wipes and stuff after shooting the scene to try to keep the allergens at bay. Goose The Cat Captain MarvelI’ve seen the movie now and was SO excited that the scene made it in…and yes, they finally did get the shots they needed with Goose! 😉 While they did take after take of this scene, we watched on the monitors with Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz. He was so great with everyone – sharing what was going on, answering questions when he could, etc. During the actual shooting though, everyone has to be super quiet. “Quiet on set” is a very real thing! Captain Marvel FilmingYou can actually see a snippet of the Mind Fracker scene/set and the scene we got to see them shoot part of in the trailer. SO fun!!!! 
Then we actually got to chat a little bit with the actors! We even talked a little bit about heading to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere later that night. And, they were kind enough to take a photo with us! Goose the cat even got in on the action. Check out how fun this picture is!!!! Captain Marvel Set VisitBrie Larson (Captain Marvel) is front row right, Directors Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden are the center front, Reggie (Goose) the cat is being held right behind the director, Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz is a bit blocked toward the back center, and  Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) is in the back middle right next to me! Ahhhh! I was NOT expecting Samuel L. Jackson to stand there AT ALL! He just sort of appeared over my right shoulder and I was SHOCKED! That was a super fun surprise!

It was all a very surreal experience and an absolute blast! And now that I’ve seen the movie too, I can confidently say that you HAVE to make plans to go see it! Read my Captain Marvel No-Spoilers Review here and buy your tickets to go see the movie (in theaters March 8, 2019)! Captain Marvel Poster

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