No more pre-rinsing dishes!! #FinishRiseandShine Challenge

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I was recently asked to take the Finish Rise and Shine Challenge with my family (*this is post is sponsored). What exactly is that challenge? Well, basically it was to put Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel to the test! Our task was to create an amazingly tasty, messy, sticky, and difficult-to-clean meal and then relax! We were told to put the dishes right into the dishwasher (no pre-rinse allowed!) and let them sit there until it’s time for bed. So, that’s exactly what we did! For our tasty, sticky, messy meal, I served up some raspberry stuffed french toast! Baked Stuffed French ToastIt’s delicious! Mr. Mom Endeavors had a big breakfast plate of it and I cut some up for the boys in their plastic “kids” bowls. Complete with raspberry jam, cream cheese, and some real maple syrup for good measure, it definitely classified as tasty & sticky!Raspberry French ToastAfter that yummy breakfast, we went about our Saturday and let the plates sit all day! No wiping, no water, no pre-rinse! You can see that there was some serious “residue” left on the dishes! Dirty DishesBy 11:00pm at night, it was hard, dry & crusty. But, we stuck to the rules and everything went straight into the dishwasher as is. As the directions stated, we put one  Finish Quantum with New Power Gel tab in our soap area and set the dishwasher like normal. Finish PowerballHonestly, I was REALLY skeptical. Our dishwasher is the original that came with the house (1998) and not really the greatest! Plus, we have really, really hard water. Often times, our dishes come out with some sort of soapy/hard water residue on them. Mr. Mom Endeavors who is a “firm-believer” in the pre-rinse couldn’t believe what we were doing. But, we turned it on anyway and went to bed, fully expecting to find only partially clean dishes.

So, what did we find this morning?! Take a look at this before and after:

#FinishRiseandShineDo you see that?! Sparkling, clean dishes!! We were both shocked!!!! Not a speck of any sticky food residue left on any of the dishes. AND, no hard water or soap residue either. Here’s a closer look: Clean Dishes #FinishRiseandShineI’d say the Finish Quantum passed the test!!! Amazing!

You can take the challenge yourself and share your results on their website (with the hashtag #FinishRiseandShine) and on the Finish Facebook page! I’d love to know if you have the same results!

What sticky, messy food would you use in the #FinishRiseandShine Challenge?

*Dislcosure: I received the product shown above and a thank you gift from Finish for participating in the #FinishRiseandShine challenge. As always, all opinions and experiences are entirely my own!

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