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This summer and fall we completed a big home project that everyone has been really excited about – a complete room makeover!!!! With Baby Brother now 3, our baby days are over <sniff, sniff>. It was finally time to move him out of his crib and into the room with his big brothers. So we converted the nursery into a fun Disney Star Wars playroom!! I’m SO excited to finally share all the details! Boys Disney Star Wars PlayroomYou can imagine that the final product there is a HUGE hit with the kids! And even the adults, really! The room is just SO fun! It is such a BIG change from what the room looked like before!

The room is a bit odd-shaped (one wall sort of curves) and it connects to the boys’ bedroom by way of the “Jack and Jill bathroom”. Since we moved in, that room has been the nursery with a farm theme. The farm theme featured blue & green walls, a red gingham valence, and cute farm accessories. But it was time to go. I completely admit to having a sobbing meltdown in the middle of the floor while putting away all the baby things for the last time <no more babies…sniffle>. But, aside from that, I was WAY ready to get rid of everything about the farm theme nursery!

Here’s the before:

Nursery Room MakeoverSo, we started by clearing everything out, removing the molding from the walls, and painting. Since we were going with a Star Wars theme, we wanted things to have that feel without being too dark. So, we opted to paint some furniture too (like the bookcases) and get a ceiling fan upgrade to replace that horrible builder’s-grade brassy version! playroom makeoverFor all those supplies, we headed to Lowe’s (as a Lowe’s Creative Blogger, they sent me a gift card to shop there)! The blue & green got replaced with a much more neutral gray. The bookcases went from mismatched wood shades to a dark metallic. The builder’s grade fan was replaced with a sleek black option that reminded us all of a Star Wars ship! Doesn’t that fan look PERFECT?!

Here’s our main Lowe’s purchase list (along with other room makeover things like painter’s tape, paint rollers, painting tarp, etc) :

Disney Star Wars Room MakeoverI LOVE the way the iron spray paint transformed the book cases! Truth be told, I had never spray painted furniture before and I’m SO glad we decided to go this route! It looks SO nice to have coordinating furniture (instead of random mismatched pieces). And the metallic iron color looks great next to the neutral gray walls! Star Wars Display ShelvesAnd, we LOVE the red floating shelf set we found at Lowe’s too. I knew I wanted something to go display some of their Star Wars figures, so when we saw the set at Lowe’s we snagged it. I love that it gives a little pop of color too! Of course, all those touches were my favorite thing about doing the room!

Star Wars Playroom Decor & Accessories

Disney Star Wars Playroom DecorTo decorate the room, we used a mix of items we already had (like some of my old toys & books, some of my husband’s old Star Wars posters, a few DIY items) and then some fun store-bought Star Wars finds! I had A LOT of luck finding all kinds of fun Disney & Star Wars items (many on Amazon which include affiliate links below).

Small details are often my favorite (something I LOVE about Disney), so I love those items in the room. Some of the best things are the Star Wars Itty Bittys that Hallmark sent us. They are SO cute and what you see below isn’t even the entire line!! We can’t wait to add to our collection!

Star Wars Itty Bitties HallmarkOn the shelves, we also have some fun little memorabilia displayed which of course includes our Sphero BB-8 droid! So fun! That Sphero BB-8 is one of the best Star Wars toys ever!

More details…

Star Wars Drapes. The boys absolutely LOVE these drapes and at under $15, the price was definitely right! They go really well with the DIY Star Wars blankets I made for them! Star Wars CurtainsLEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Alarm Clock. With the futon addition, this room will double as a guest room when friends & family come to stay. So, we needed a clock in the room and what better clock than a giant LEGO Star Wars figurine?! The boys love this! Stormtrooper ClockStar Wars Posters and Droid Decals. The giant C3PO and R2D2 decals (made by Roommates) are AWESOME additions. The worked perfectly on the closet doors and added so much character to the room! The Star Wars posters are another really fun piece. These actually are my husband’s framed posters saved from his childhood bedroom. So, getting to use them now is extra special.

And speaking of special, I got a Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster from the D23 Expo Live Action Movie Panel (you know, with Harrison Ford ON STAGE). So, that is also displayed in the room – right next to our Force Awakens printable countdown calendar (<–just click that link to download your own)!

Star Wars Playroom DecorAnd last but definitely not least is another super fun addition to the room – the Lightsaber Light!!! This thing is SO much fun – it even comes with a remote so you can change the color of the lightsaber blade! It looks great so awesome in the room and can double as a pretty sweet night light! Lightsaber LightStar Wars isn’t the only fun to be had in the room though! We also have some fun nods to some of our other Disney favorites!

Disney Room Decor…

Baby Brother is very much into Cars (we even had a whole Cars-themed 3rd birthday party for him). So, a giant Lightning McQueen Decal was too fun to pass up. The train table (which is much more of a race car able at our house) sits right in front of him. We used some of the racing decals that came with McQueen on the train table. The decal quality is really good!
Then you can see that we have some fun Disney movie posters (like the posters from our Frozen party, from our Big Hero 6 Party, and from our latest favorite Inside Out). The book shelves then are fun places to display our various Disney books, figures, and plush friends. Some of them are from my childhood and I love seeing them in the room!

Disney PlayroomIt was SO much fun doing this makeover! The boys absolutely LOVE this room and I have to say that I agree! It just makes us all so happy -with the combination of some of our favorite things and characters! It’s something that the boys should still be into for a number of years – a place we can have a lot of fun in and add to as time goes on.

We canNOT wait for the newest Star Wars movie to hit theaters (on December 18th, 2015). After that, I’m sure we’ll be adding a few new things to the room too!
Disney Star Wars PlayroomDisclosure: We worked with Lowe’s & Hallmark on this post. Some of the links above are affiliate links. As always, all opinions, experiences, and love of Disney/Star Wars are entirely my own!

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