Free Peter Pan Activities & Printables

Today’s the day! Peter Pan is releasing from the Disney Vault with the Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD! We actually don’t own Peter Pan on DVD! All we have is an old VHS copy, so I’m really excited to surprise the boys with this sometime soon! 🙂 Whether you’re excited to get the new DVD too or just have some little Peter Pan fans in your life, here are some free fun activities (and recipes) that are sure to be a hit!

Peter Pan Recipes & ActivitiesThose pirate ship pizzas would be a HUGE hit at our house!!! And, that fort hideout?! I see building that in our future. There are also fun printables too, like coloring pages & activity sheets! Big Brother is really into doing mazes lately, so he’ll love that one!Peter Pan Worksheets

Click on the link below to download. You’ll be able to download a zip file containing all the recipes & activities above, plus a few more! 🙂

*Peter Pan Activities  Zip File*

ENJOY!! (If you have any trouble with the link, please let me know!)


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  1. Alexandra says

    I just discover Your website- it’s great!
    I prepare some acctivities about Peter Pan but I can not download the zip,
    can You send it to me?


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