5 Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

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So, I’ve been making some changes this year that will hopefully result in a healthier mama! I shared a few things about some post-baby body struggles and trying to make some changes a few months ago. But, I’ve really stepped up my game in the new year. The changes I’ve been making have resulted in a 5 pound weight loss in just the week alone! None of these are new or earth-shattering, but here are 5 simple steps that I’m taking toward a healthier lifestyle:

Healthy Lifestyle

1. Drink more water! When I was teaching, I used to be really good with this. I was talking all day & so drank a lot of water. But, since staying at home a couple of years ago, I find that I don’t drink nearly as much anymore. To lose weight, everything I read says that I should be drinking around 100 ounces of water each day! I still have a ways to go, but I’ve been doing MUCH better!

2. Eat healthier food. Duh! This is a no-brainer when it comes to weight-loss and over all health. But, it’s so easy to fall into the processed, convenient, “fake-healthy” trap. To combat this, we’ve cut down on the processed food that we’ve been buying. I’ve had a green smoothie every single morning for a week (recipes coming soon). I’m trying to make sure that I have a vegetable and/or a fruit at every meal. For convenient snacks, we’re choosing lower calorie and less processed options. One thing we’ve tried that we really like is the Quaker Popped Rice Snacks. They are SO good! The apple-cinnamon and vanilla creme brulee even satisfied my sweet tooth! The savory flavors are a great alternative to things like potato chips! So, the changes are nothing extreme. No new eating plan (paleo, gluten-free, carb-free, etc). Just simple, healthier changes that are adding up to a big difference!

3. Keeping a food journal. Before I got married, I was pretty successful at losing weight and getting in shape. One of the things I did was keep a food journal. It really helped me. Now, almost 10 years later, I’m using our fancy new technology to help with this. I downloaded My Fitness Pal (a free app) and have been using it to track everything I’m eating! It’s amazing how helpful seeing it all in writing is for me! Obviously, I knew before that there were WAY more calories in a slice of pizza than a chicken breast with celery. But, when you’re tracking it and trying to stay within a goal (and the app does all the organizing, math, etc for you), it is really eye-opening. The app is really helping to keep me accountable!

4. Move more. I know, another no brainer. But, it’s key and so it had to make the list. I was doing great with the Couch-to-5k training, but fell off the wagon a bit with the holidays and sicknesses. We’ve been having fun with family walks and playing Just Dance! And, this week, I was back at things and in a BIG way! I completed my first 5k over the weekend–the Color Run! And, it was so fun some of us are already planning our next event! The Color Run - end

5. Get organized. Now, that might seem like a strange thing to put on a healthier lifestyle list. But, when I’m more organized, I’m less stressed. That right there is key for a healthy lifestyle. It really is a whole chain reaction. When I’m more organized & the house is cleaner, I’m more productive. I feel better about things and less overwhelmed. When I feel better about things, I tend to make healthier choices. We eat out less. We have more time for fun things. I’m less stressed and less crabby. So, organizing has been high on the priority list! In the past two weeks, we’ve tackled two BIG projects and it feels SO good!

So, what steps do you think are key for a healthier lifestyle? Keep reading & share below for a chance to win $1,000!!!

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