Healthy Endeavors: Making Simple Everyday Changes

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As a busy mom juggling 3 kids, a house, a job, and/or any number of general “life” things, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of not making the healthiest choices. Do you find that too? Maybe it’s skipping meals or not drinking enough water. Maybe it’s not taking time for self care or stopping too many times through the fast food drive-thru. What is it for you? At different points, I’ve struggled with all of those things! But getting back on the right track can be totally doable with just a few simple changes. So today, in partnership with our sponsor Lean Cuisine, I’m sharing four simple everyday ideas to help with your healthy endeavors! Take a look and then let us know if you have more simple tips to add! 
healthy-lifestyle-changesThe last few months, life got busy. Summer fun, traveling, unpredictable schedules, back-to-school craziness – it’s been a whirlwind! In that busyness, some of my healthy endeavors flew out the window! So, I’ve been making some simple changes to try to get back on track with everything. Here’s what that looks like for me:

Make Smart Food Choices

When I’m home during the day with the boys and working on the computer, we’ve too often fallen into the fast-food trap.  I’ve fallen into the just “randomly snacking & grazing trap” instead of eating real meals. I know there have been times where I was skipping meals too – especially around lunch. That’s never a good plan! So for a simple change there, I’ve been making sure that I have some Lean Cuisine meals on hand! lean-cuisine-marketplace-mealsHaving these in the freezer is helping me to make sure that I have something tasty and easy to prepare. There are some great new limited editions meals like Cheese & Fire Roasted Chile Tamale, Southwest-Style Potato Bake, Thai-Style Ginger Beef, and Chicken Tikka Masala. I love that the packaging is clearly marked with special considerations like “Organic ingredients”,  “no GMO ingredients”, and “gluten free”! lean-cuisine-tamale-2I’m especially loving the Cheese & Fire Roasted Chile Tamale meal! It’s made with organic corn masa and rice, along with a spicy chile sauce. And as you can see on the packaging, the ingredients are all non-GMO. It’s big on flavor and satisfies my Mexican food cravings.  lean-cuisine-tamaleSo, this is a great option for me – helping to keep me out of the drive-thru and eating at home! Yum! The tamale is my favorite, but they’re all really good! And, in addition to the Lean Cuisine meals for lunch options, I’ve been trying to drink more water and have smarter snack choices as well! making-healthy-choicesEat More Fruits & Veggies

It’s apple season and that is SUCH an easy smart snack option! I’m LOVING all the different apple varieties right now (honey crisp apples – oh my)! Just replacing a few “munchie” items a day with fruits and veggies is such a good change! So, we’ve been keeping the fridge stocked with lots of these items! When I do a big shopping trip, I’ve even been trying to wash & cut up a lot of the veggies for quick snacking! Simple & easy!

Drink More Water!

Does anyone else struggle with this? It’s been a BIG issue for me! But, I’m finding that having a labeled water bottle is making it a bit easier to stay on track! Such simple things, but it really helps me! labeled-water-bottleMove More!

Obvious, right?! But when you have a job that is sedentary or you spend a lot of time in the car shuttling kids, moving and being active sometimes just doesn’t happen on its own. So, I’ve been trying to combat that too! Lately, I’ve been spending chunks of time standing at the computer instead of sitting. I also take 5-10 minute breaks to just walk around. fitnessThen, see if you can carve out even just a solid 30-minutes of time to do something a bit more active – talk a walk, do some yoga, hit the gym for a little bit, put in a workout DVD, take the kids to the park, etc. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, I know! But, it’s something I’m really trying to be more conscious of because I always feel better when I do!

What simple, healthy tips do YOU have? Tell us in the comments!

None of these are earth-shattering or new ideas by any means. But I know how easy it is to “fall off the wagon” and get stuck in those ruts. So sometimes a reminder of some of those simple, everyday changes that can really make a difference is a good thing!

Also, let us know if you try (or have tried) any of the new Lean Cuisine Marketplace meals! Which one is your favorite? Seriously that tamale is tasty! Yum!

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