Flu Season Preparation Tips

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Flu season is upon us, which is bringing a heightened sense of concern this year. So, we’re sharing some flu season preparation tips to help make sure you’re ready, complete with a printable flu season check list! Every year around this time, I like to take inventory of what we have on hand in the house and get prepared for the cold & flu season. And for us, that preparation starts with getting a flu shot!

Flu Shots

Did you know you can get your flu shot at Sam’s Club Pharmacy? We love how easy it is! We also love that anyone can get a flu shot at their local Sam’s Club (non-members too). The convenience is great! You can head into the club to get your flu shot and shop for all the necessities while you’re there – a one stop “flu season preparation” stop! That convenience and less need to go multiple places is something we really value – especially this year!

And, if you didn’t already know, we LOVE that Sam’s Club has online ordering and curbside pickup! So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the store, you don’t have to! You can run in to get your flu shot and do all your shopping online if you prefer. Then, you can just do your pickup at the same time!

Flu Season Stock Up

In fact, we just stocked up on a few cold & flu seasonal needs at our Sam’s Club – tissues, hand soap, and bottled water! Hand soap and tissues are just such a must during this season! The bottled water certainly isn’t a necessity, but we like having a case on hand anyway in case of emergencies. Plus, when people are sick, I like being able to just give them their own water bottle like this that we don’t even need to wash after, cutting down on germs in the kitchen.

In addition to getting your flu shot and the items we’ve already mentioned, here’s some other flu season items to consider stocking up on if you’re running low:

  • Over-the-counter medications (pain/fever reducers, cough syrups, cold & flu medications, cough drops, etc)
  • Lip Balm
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Electrolyte Drinks
  • Soups/Broths

Flu Season Preparation Check List

To make it easy for you, I created a a printable flu season preparation list that can help you take inventory of what you already have a create a “to-buy” list. Then you can take it with you like a shopping list when you head to the club! Or you can use it like an inventory list at home to help with your online order!!

Just click to download and print here –> Flu Season Preparation Checklist 

We think it’s so good to do this ahead of time, because no one wants to have to figure everything out once someone is already sick. It’s so much stressful to deal with shopping and planning when you’re already dealing with sick family members.  And it’s really no fun when mom gets sick! So, it’s important to prepare before any of these germs hit your house!

Hopefully these flu season preparation tips helped get you in the “cold & flu season mindset”! Be sure head to Sam’s Club Pharmacy for more information on getting a flu shot this year!

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