Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

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Muffin tin meals,  muffin tin pies…now a muffin tin advent calendar!  So many great uses for such a simple piece of bakeware! 

Since tomorrow is December 1st (where did November go?!), we will really kick off all the Christmas festivities by starting to use the muffin tin calendar I made.

We’ve never done any kind of advent/countdown before, but I really like the idea and love that I was able to make one so easily and inexpensively!  Because I have numerous scrapbooking papers/embellishments already–the new supplies I needed didn’t even cost me $5! 
Instead of what seems to be the more traditional route of placing little candies/treats inside, we are going to use it more like an actual calendar.  There will be little slips of paper for each date with themes/activities that we will do that day (I have a few in there already, but will add each week as we have a better feel for what our plans). 

So, on some of the dates we already know we have Christmas activities planned (like our snow day this Saturday, lights on the 12th, etc) those will be on the paper.  Other days, we will have things like, “hang ornaments on the tree”,  “decorate Christmas cookies”, “hot chocolate & a Christmas movie”, etc.  Really the possibilities are endless with the whole thing–the beauty of DIY.  You can make the whole thing be whatever you want–and you can design the look too! 🙂

To make your own, here’s what you’ll need:
– 1 24 cup mini muffin tin (I found mine at Walmart for less than $4)
– 24 magnets (any kind will do, just make sure they are rather small)
– Christmas-y paper (however many different designs you want)
– embellishments (if you so choose)
– glue/adhesive for embellishments (and magnets depending on what type you get)
– numbers (hand write them, use stickers, or cut them out with a Cricut/Silhouette)
– wire/ribbon or plate stand

– Cut paper into squares (or circles) to cover the muffin cups–mine were approx. 2 1/4 inches. (I also used my corner rounder on the squares)

– Place magnets in an upper corner of the square (you may want to arrange your papers first to decide which side you what your magnet on).  I found small adhesive circle magnets for really cheap at Joann’s. 

– Embellish each square as you like–stickers, cutouts, ribbon, buttons, you name it!  Then, also, place your numbers on each square.  

– Display, use, & enjoy! (Note–some muffin tins have holes in the metal from which you can lace ribbon.  Mine had a little rim where the metal was folded over on the back through which I laced wire and then tied ribbon over it.  Others you might not be able to do any of that and would just have to stand in on a plate stand or something). 

Do you use an Advent Calendar?  If so, what is it like?  Feel free to share/link up in the comments! Happy December!

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  1. You're very welcome! Always wanna help a fellow blogger out. If you have any other ideas for muffin pans please send them my way. I'm always interested in trying new recipes.

  2. Clever, and sweet. We have done an activities advent calendar this year too – but not in such an impressive container! My 4 year old is really loving it. We've made cards together, had a picnic dinner (it's summer where I live!), picked up grandparents from the airport, been for a walk after dinner, collected pinecones, etc.

  3. Thank you so much for linking this up! I hope you've had a chance to visit some of the other links! By the way I love the look of your blog, very sleek yet fun design!
    I hope your holiday season is merry and bright! xo, Maria

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