Thanksgiving “Haystack” Namecards {from Nellie Bellie}

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Hello! Janel here from NellieBellie! I’m so honored to be able to bring you one of my favorite little crafts for Thanksgiving as part of the Cornucopia of Creativity series here on Mom Endeavors. We love to make these haystack namecards for our table. They are made from paper tubes and colored twine making them very inexpensive. And, because the only supplies you need are a pair of scissors…anyone can make these! My kids sit and help me whip up a batch of these each year. Thanksgiving Haystack NamecardsAren’t those the cutest haystacks you ever did see?? Let’s get to the easy tutorial:

haystack step1 haystack step4


  • paper tubes (1 per namecard)
  • colored twine
  • tags (you can cut these out of paper if you like)

haystack step2 haystacks step3

Step 1:

Cut your cardboard tube in half (the long way)

Step 2:

Cut slits into each end of your cardboard tube (do not cut all the way to the middle)

haystacks step5 haystacks step6

Step 3:

Roll your tube up fairly tightly.

Step 4:

Wrap the center of your bundle in colored twine.

haystacks step7

Step 5:

If you like, slit the very tips of your “hay” to make them look frayed.

haystack name cardsNow all you need to do is attach your little tag to your haystack and you have the cutest little namecards for your table! I told you that was easy!! A great craft to do with your family!

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