Layered Rainbow Fruit Salad

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Rainbow Fruit Salad TrifleNeed a healthy & pretty dish to serve up this summer? Make a layered rainbow fruit salad! This couldn’t be easier and it looks SO great – perfect for entertaining. Fruit salad is always a great option, especially during the summer months when so much fruit is in season. But, the simple act of layering by color really makes the dish look extra pretty. Layered Rainbow Fruit SaladReally, you could make a layered fruit salad with any colors. But, I thought a rainbow would be so fun. I started with blueberries on the bottom, then green grapes, golden pineapple, orange nectarines, and finally bright red strawberries. That’s what we had on hand and what I found a good price on. The pineapple was so golden that there wasn’t as much of a color difference between the yellow & orange as I would have liked. But, it still tasted great. And obviously, there are MANY other fruits that you could use – kiwi for green; madarin oranges, cantaloupe, or mango for orange; purple grapes; watermelon, raspberries, etc. Use whatever you like! Rainbow Fruit SaladI personally don’t like to add any syrups or glazes to the fruit salad itself. But, if you want to sweeten it up a bit and make it a little more “desserty”, then you can  serve it up with some easy fruit dip. It’s super easy to make and pairs beautifully with the fruit! Fruit Dip & Strawberries
How do  you like to serve up your fruit?

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