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Hi there! I’m Becca and I’m excited to be a part of Sara’s Cornucopia of Creativity this year. I blog at My Crazy Good Life, where my content focuses on parenting tweens and teens, blogging and social media tips and tutorials and mobile technology. I don’t usually blog about creative projects, so it’s extra fun to share this recipe for how to pop corn on the cob with you today! It’s super easy, and it’s always a hit with the kids! PopCornOnTheCobFeaturedImageYou’ll want to start with a few stalks of Indian corn on the cob–the multi-colored stalks. Make sure these are not ornamental or decoration corn, because they are treated with chemicals. It’s best to purchase these from a farmer’s market or a local orchard. My tip: buy extra. These are pretty finicky and it’s possible that you’ll burn one as you’re getting used to cooking them.

1. Pull the husks off of your corn cobs. IndianCorn2. Microwave the corn cobs one at a time. Stick one in a plain brown paper lunch bag and fold over the top a few times. This cob was huge, so I doubled up lunch bags and microwaved it that way. Step23. I use the “popcorn” button on my microwave–it runs about 4 minutes. You can’t walk away from the microwave while these are cooking because they’re pretty temperamental. They’ll sit for 2-3 minutes without any popping, then they’ll all pop in about 30 seconds. Start the microwave and wait for popping sounds. Once they slow down to 1-2 every few seconds, stop the microwave.

4. Carefully pull the bag out of the microwave. The corn cob will be very hot, so be careful and keep little hands away! IndianCornPopped5. Keep popping your corn cobs and pouring the popcorn into a bowl or onto a tray. Add melted butter and salt if you’d like! PoppedCornOnTheCob

Fun, right?!

Have YOU ever popped corn on the cob?

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