Jumping Bean

Hi everyone! Meet Sadie…
 Sadie has been a part of our family for just over two years–we rescued her from the pound two days before Christmas in 2008. We don’t know for sure what breeds she is–we’ve heard everything from part beagle, to shephard, to terrier, to hound, to shiba inu. No matter which though, it’s clear that she’s adorable, friendly, overall very lovable!

But, our “Sades” has one problem…that recently has turned in to one.BIG.problem!!  You see, our little Sadie here can jump–and I don’t just mean little leaps–I mean, like full on high jumper.  From sitting on the ground, she can jump to the top of my husband’s 6’4″ head. And, we have a 6′ tall block wall enclosing our backyard. (side note: please don’t be shocked. no we don’t live in some compound. although I know that is totally abnormal for many places, it’s the norm here. almost every neighborhood has block wall fences). On Christmas day, she figured out how to jump that block wall. And, she’s done it 5 times since!!
We were concerned about this after we brought her home and first discovered her crazy hopping skills. But, never had an issue…until now. She jumps high enough to hook her front paw on the wall and then uses her back legs to climb up. And, due to some plants we have out front, she can’t get to the wall to jump back in. 

We have to come up with a solution!! But, the question is WHAT?! And, that’s where I’m calling on YOU for help! Have any of you had this issue?  What did you do?
Training? Extra fencing? Dog run? Tethers? Some sort of special dog jumping product on the market? 
We’re totally at a loss for what would be best and have absolutely no experience whatsoever with this issue. So, if you have experience (or know someone who does), please let me know so that we can keep our Sadie at our house where she belongs!


  1. Chad and PJ says

    Hey, Sara!

    Now, I don't know if this is the exact same one, but when I worked at a veterinary hospital, one of our clients used this on their dog, and they raved that it really worked. They had a dog that jumped on people and over their fence, and this seemed to help them out.


    Good luck! I know it's hard…and scary…when they are determined to get that freedom. Sake dug under our fence twice and got out. The first time a truck blowing their horn alerted me she was running loose, the second time the police brought her back (my dog's got a police record…how embarrassing!). Chad put chicken wire all around the bottom of the fence to prevent further digging…it's worked! :o)


  2. says

    Hey Sara,

    Our Eddy, before he got older and, well, chunkier, jumped the fence all the time. What I did was glue some 1/8" thin PVC board (slippery) to the top of the fence that hung over beyond what he could grab. This just consists of cut strips of PVC board and liquid nails. Once he was unsuccessful with it it freaked him out. And he stopped.

  3. says

    Oh, you could dig a trench. Ya, it keeps the dog contained but … makes your yard look like a zoo! But then it would match the house!!! Ya know, zoo? JK!!!

  4. Show Me Mama says

    What a cutie-wow- what a high jumper- Your wall looks really high-I wish I had an idea to help out. I can't wait to read any other comments on here. I am your new follower as well. I can be found at http://showmemama.com

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