Choosing a Swim Program for Your Kids

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Swimming and water safety are important things that all children should learn. But there are so many options, knowing what program to choose can be tough. So, we’re sharing some tips & things to consider when deciding on swimming lessons for your kids as part of a sponsored partnership with Aqua-Tots.Choosing Swim Lessons Tips For Parents Living in the desert of Arizona, swimming, pools, and water play are a way of life. Sadly, that also means drownings are way too commonplace. It’s a constant reminder that water safety and learning to swim are a must for kids! It’s been a priority for our family and our boys all started lessons before their 1st birthdays! Over those years, we’ve experienced a number of different types of swim programs and there are things to consider when trying to choose the right type of lessons for your family.

What Swim Lessons to Chose?

Kid Swimming Lessons

Group vs. Private Lessons

We’ve found that the most common types of lessons are group lessons. And, for many kids, those work just fine. That’s what our kids have always done and our 4 year old did swim team last year! 🙂 But for some families and kids, private lessons might be a better option. One-on-one attention is certainly a great thing for kids. You can look for private lessons at a private pool. Or, many places (like your city pool or a swim program business like Aqua-Tots), offer private lessons. So, that is something to investigate. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor Lessons

Here in Arizona, we have the option between indoor and outdoor lessons. Places like Aqua-Tots have a year-round, indoor setting. When it’s over 100 degrees outside, it’s definitely MUCH nicer for parents to be indoors. I also like that I don’t have to deal with coating the kids in sunscreen before we leave! So, if those are considerations for you too, looking into indoor lessons might be a good choice! Indoor Swimming LessonsEducated Instructors

Different programs may have different requirements for education and training. You definitely want to make sure that all swim instructors are CPR certified. Then, you may want to inquire about the training that instructors have. With our most recent swim program experience at Aqua-Tots, the instructors all have completed at least 40 hours of classroom and in-water training, as well as passed various exams. If you’re paying for lessons, you want them to be good quality. Aqua-Tots Swimming Lessons

Consider Your Long Term Swimming Goals

Are you just looking for water-safety training or are you interested in developing lifelong swimming skills? Your answer to that and feelings about swimming skills in general could influence what kind of program you decide on. As a former swim team member, I knew that I wanted our boys to be proficient swimmers and learn all four strokes. So, they’ve done some form of lessons since they were babies!

Start Swim Lessons NOW!

I’m a firm believer in starting swimming lessons at young ages. If you have a baby or young toddler, you can look into “Mommy & Me” classes where you’ll be in the water with your little one. If your kids are older, then better later than never! I have some adult friends that struggle because they never learned to swim as kid. So research the options in  your area and find a program that works for your family!

If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, you can visit Aqua-Tots to sign up for swim lessons at the Peoria or Surprise locations! We just did a partnership month at the Peoria location! They often have special offers and giveaways – so be on the lookout for those! Aqua-Tots Arizona

What are YOUR favorite swimming lessons? 

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