7 Family Photo Shoot Fashion Tips!

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Hello Mom Endeavors readers! It’s that time of year – Time to book your family photo shoot and start thinking about what to wear. In addition to blogging at The Worley House, I’m also a lifestyle photographer here in Phoenix. Every year I get giddy with excitement to book my own family photos and style our entire shoot. But, I know that this can be really stressful for some and is not really everyone’s thing. Deciding what to wear for your photo shoot is always the hardest part for most. So, today I’m here to talk outfit options and ideas to make your next family session as stress free as possible.  Here are some of the tips that I tell my clients and friends…

Tip 1…Start with the kids! I like to start by picking outfits for my children. Then base what my husband and I will wear around that.

Tip 2…don’t go buy everything new. This doesn’t need to be stressful. When you start thinking you need brand new outfits, that’s when you can get extra stressed. This year I picked out an outfit from my son’s closet that he already had and then looked to see what my daughter had. I ended up buying her a new shirt and pared it with bottoms + shoes she already had. Shop your closet, look at what you already have, and see what you can make work. Then, just buy a new shirt, new shoes or new accessories to pull the outfit together and make it special.

Tip 3… Outfits don’t need to break the bank! If you are buying new items, you can stick to a budget and still find nice items. All the outfits & accessories below are from Target. Stylish + Affordable. Fall Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas

Tip 4… Choose decorating colors. When deciding what colors to choose for your shoot, try pulling from the colors that you decorate with in your home. Using some of  the colors that are in your home is a great way to make sure your framed and mounted photos won’t look out of place and awkward.

Tip 5…Layers! In a fall photo shoot especially–layer, layer, layer. Put a boyfriend sweater over your shirt or throw on a scarf. Adding layers not only adds interest to your outfit, but it also gives you different options in your photos because they can easily be removed to create a different look or feel.

Tip 6…add accessories. Don’t be afraid to add jewelry or hats for your kids (or husband) Just like with layers, accessories add interest and can easily be removed/changed/rearranged.

Tip 7… Be comfortable! You need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you aren’t comfortable, it will show through in your photos. If you normally wear flats and haven’t worn a heel ever, now is not the time to start. You get the idea.

How do YOU usually plan for family photo shoots?

For photo shoot outfit ideas for kids,  click here.

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  1. My husband doesn’t think professional photo shoots are necessary. He tells me, “We have a camera.” It drives me nuts, because I want the pro shots. Great ideas too!

    1. I know it can be hard to convince a spouse that professional photos are “worth it.” Try letting him know you’re making an investment in memories and where your family is at now! Every family should have their photos done at least once professionally. You’ll treasure them forever. Also, search photographers in your area that might do mini sessions for a reduced price. Lots of photogs do this.

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