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It’s seems like every few weeks we hear of another MAJOR business who has had a security breach – especially so with hackers stealing credit card information in the recent past. In fact, I was one of millions who was sent a new debit/credit card in the past 6 months after one of these grand hacking schemes. So, I definitely understand the important for credit monitoring. But, what about protecting more than just my money? I think full identity theft protection is important and that’s why I’ve teamed with LifeLock on this sponsored campaign to share some key information.
Identity Theft Protection with LifeLockWhile monitoring your credit is absolutely smart & important, credit monitoring doesn’t usually go beyond just information you’d find in a typical credit report. What about when your whole identity is stolen?! Like, what if your name suddenly appears on criminal reports…or a change of address has been submitted for you…or new accounts have been opened in your name?! With LifeLock, your credit is not only monitored, but all of those additional alerts are available as well.

Identity theft is extra scary to me, as I live in a state with a very high incidence of this crime. YIKES, just look at these stats:

But even if you don’t live in a state with a high identity theft rate, taking precautions is important. In this digital age where SO much of our information is out there for everyone to see, monitoring what’s being done with your name is a smart thing to do. I’ve had a few friends who have dealt with identity theft on different levels and it’s SO scary (not to mention a HUGE headache). Heather from Brie Brie Blooms has personally lived an identity theft nightmare! Thankfully, LifeLock is there to help ensure that all of your information is safe & secure. They pledge to protect your information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and love seeing those messages from them that my identity information remains unchanged & that no fraudulent activity has been found! LifeLock UltimateSo, if you’re looking to take your personal identity protection beyond just basic credit monitoring, be sure to look into LifeLock! And, as a bonus, you can use the following discount code on your LifeLock membership…

Use “LifeLockSafety” to receive 10% off your LifeLock membership!

You can learn more about the ultimate credit protection on the LifeLock website  as well as LifeLock on Facebook and Twitter.


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