Toy Organization Ideas and Toy Purge Tips

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Are you ready for the influx of new items about to come into the house?  With all the new presents the family gets during the holiday season, now is the perfect time to clear out space by donating all the toys, clothes and other miscellaneous household items you might not be using anymore. Earlier this year, we actually did a pretty big purge, but the place we’re still struggling with is the toys. All the toys…everywhere the toys! So, as part of a sponsored campaign with Savers, we’re talking about some toy purging & organization ideas!

toy purge & organization ideas

Holiday Toy Purge…

If you’re struggling with the toy-clutter beast, now is the perfect time to calm it! Obviously, anytime during the year is a great time to organize, de-clutter, and donate to charity. But, donating during the holidays might helpful to kids who are struggling to let go. Here’s some tips for working through the holiday toy purge with kids:

  • Make them part of the process and set limits. For example, “when the cars bin is full, we can’t keep any more cars”, etc.
  • Use the holidays as an incentive. Since they will be getting new toys and presents, they have to get rid of items to make room for the new stuff.
  • Help them form a more compassionate worldview. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about poverty and all the kids that don’t have a room full of toys.
  • Donate the toys. In helping them form that compassionate worldview, talk about how you’re going to donate their toys to a place that will help other kids.

Making donations (this time of year especially) is such a great thing all the way around. Savers, (a privately held global thrift retailer offering clothing and accessories for men, women and children and household goods under the Savers, Value Village, Village des Valeurs and Unique Thrift Store brands ) is a place at which many people make donations here in Arizona. In our area, Savers partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. All donations are eligible for a tax refund credit. And, remember, if you itemize your taxes, making those donations can help you get in that last-minute tax refund credit before the end-of-year cutoff!

Toy Organization Ideas…

10+ Creative Toy Organization IdeasOnce you’ve purged the toys and donated, then it’s time to get clever about organizing what’s left! So, I’ve rounded up 10+ creative ideas to help keep the toys organized! Check out the ideas below for inspiration!

So many great ideas! Now…time to get busy! Go forth to declutter and donate!

How do YOU keep the toy clutter under control? What are YOUR tips for helping the kids sort and donate?

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Savers. As always, all opinions and experiences are my own. For more information about Savers, be sure to check them out here:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

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