Halloween Candy Kabobs

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Happy Halloween, all! What could be more perfect to share on a day where candy consumption is at the all-time high than some Halloween candy kabobs? Halloween Candy KabobsThe Valentine’s candy kabobs I posted a couple of years ago were such a hit with the kids (and readers! They’ve been pinned almost 150,000 times – wow!). But, I thought Halloween just seemed like the perfect holiday to try another version with. The boys of course thought it was such a great “craft”. ūüėČ In addition to the fun of eating them, candy kabobs are SO easy to make! All you need are bamboo skewers and a variety of soft/gummy candies. If you’re handing them out as favors, then you can put them in cute treats bags & tie them up with a ribbon.¬† Gummy Halloween candiesWe had gummy spiders, witches, and jack-o-lanters, sour gummy pumpkins, mallowcreme pumpkins, and Halloween jelly beans. The process is really quite easy – just put the candies on to the bamboo skewers! Depending on the size of your candies, you’ll probably use about 10-15 per skewer. Insert can¬≠dies onto the skewer, press¬≠ing the can¬≠dies a lit¬≠tle more than halfway down on the skewer. Alter¬≠nate styles, sizes, fla¬≠vors, and/or col¬≠ors.¬†Making Halloween candy kabobs You really can’t go too wrong. Little Brother (he’s 3) even made the one on the right of the picture above almost entirely on his own! Tips: Just be care¬≠ful with the bam¬≠boo skew¬≠ers as the end is def¬≠i¬≠nitely really pointed! So, make sure you don‚Äôt poke your¬≠self (and this of course, is what kids need the most help with).¬† Also, make sure that the skewer only gets inserted about halfway through the top candy (so that the skewer doesn‚Äôt poke out the¬†top). When the skewer is full, you‚Äôll have some¬≠thing that resem¬≠bles¬†this: Gummy Haloween Candy KabobsThen, of course, for added fun, you can make them part of a display, a centerpiece, or put in cute little treat bags for party favors or little Halloween gifts. I thought they’d be cute to bring to a teacher for school on Halloween!¬† Or, they might even be a fun “edible craft” to do with some of the Halloween candy from trick-or-treating tonight! Halloween Candy Kabobs via Mom Endeavors

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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