Christmas Gift Opening Kit

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Are you all ready for Christmas? To make sure your gift opening time goes more smoothly, I’m excited to share this easy gift opening kit idea with you as part of a sponsored campaign with Energizer®. #StillGoing
Christmas Gift Opening KitWhat do your Christmas gift opening traditions look like? We do all of our gift opening on Christmas morning! And with 3 boys (plus other family members that come over to take part), things can get a little crazy! We do a few things to helps calm the chaos a little though. For instance, in our house we take turns opening presents. That way, one present is opened at a time and no one usually opens any gifts back-to-back. Not only is the gift opening time is longer doing it this way, but I love that everyone focuses on each other while they open their gifts! Plus it’s great for teaching about taking turns and a little “delayed gratification” for kids. Another thing that can help reduce the Christmas present chaos is putting together a simple gift opening kit! The day or two before Christmas, just grab a festive basket and put items in it to help make gift opening go smoothly. One key thing to make sure is in the kit is batteries! DO NOT FORGET THE BATTERIES! Have you ever done that? We’ve had it happen before and it’s SUCH a bummer! Forgetting the batteries is actually happens to a lot of people! In fact, Energizer actually surveyed parents in 2016 and 2017 to better understand how common that “I forgot the batteries” mishap is around the holidays. Here’s what they found:

  •  Two in five moms have forgotten batteries for a holiday gift.
  • 54 percent of parents run out to buy batteries last minute around the holidays.
  • 85 percent of parents remember the look of delight when their child saw a battery-powered toy come to life for the first time. 39 percent of moms with babies or toddlers recall a tantrum when a toy’s batteries went out.
  • 81 percent of parents say battery-powered devices keep them sane on long holiday trips.

Energizer Lithium BatteriesSo, make sure to check all your purchases and get any batteries you need! I recommend buying a few extra packs of common sizes to have on hand in your gift opening kit too – just in case family members get something requiring batteries or something takes more batteries than you thought. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries are a great choice to power up your holiday gifts! Not only are they the longest lasting, but they deliver peak performance and keep gadgets running strong through the end. They also feature leak resistant construction and are 33 percent lighter than alkaline batteries (AA/AAA sizes). We have a pack of the Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ AA (The #1 longest lasting AA batteries) and a pack of the Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ AAA (The #1 longest lasting AAA batteries in high-tech devices) included in our gift opening kit just in case! But, there’s some other handy items in the kit, in addition to the batteries. Here’s a closer look: Gift Opening Kit ItemsChristmas Gift Opening Preparedness Kit

  • Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™ batteries  – make sure you have extra batteries on hand in your gift opening kit to avoid any gift opening disappointment!
  • Trash Bags –  We always have at least 2 trash bags on Christmas morning. One bag for recycling and one for trash. Go ahead and just stash them in your little kit so you have them handy!
  • Scissors, Wire cutters/pliers, Small screwdriver  – these items (or a pocket knife) are a MUST for opening gifts. Getting into some of the packaging on kids’ toys especially requires serious work. And, it’s no fun to have to keep running to the kitchen junk drawer or the tool box to keep grabbing things you need. Just put them in the gift opening basket!
  • Tape – Just in case you need to fix a package quickly (re-secure a bow or tag) or you want to tape a receipt/card/etc to an item once it’s open to keep track of things.
  • Permanent Marker – Need to label something? No problem! Or use it to keep a list of gifts on your paper…
  • Notecards/Paper – If you want to keep track of any of the gifts for thank-you’s or memory keeping, it’s good to have some paper in there!
  • Sealable baggies – Baggies are handy for organizing items – keeping small parts together, storing directions papers, etc. It’s nice to have the baggies right there to put things in.

Gift Opening KitThis is something that is SO easy to do and can really just make Christmas morning be a little more relaxing! So, grab a basket and all your items now! And don’t forget the batteries! 

Can you think of any other items to add to a gift opening kit? Let us know in the comments below!  

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