Grilled Poundcake with Fresh Berries

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At our backyard party last weekend, everyone was SO intrigued by our featured dessert: grilled poundcake with fresh berries! The idea came from Party Bluprints’ “Fired-Up” plan!
We’d never done anything too exotic with grilling before, mostly just standard meats–hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, etc. So, as soon as I saw this, I was super interested and wanted to give it a try. We simplified the Party Bluprints’ recipe just a bit and it’s seriously so easy! All you need is poundcake, berries of your choice (we did blackberries & strawberries), and vanilla ice cream.
Before the party, I diced up some strawberries and cut the black berries in half into a large bowl (& added just a small spoonful of sugar over all the berries). When it was time for dessert, we sliced the poundcake nice and thick–didn’t want it crumbling on the grill. After about a minute or so on the grill, the smell was incredible–like roasting marshmallows!
Seriously so good! We left them on for about 2-3 minutes per side. In one of the hot spots though, they did burn, so be careful of that!! Basically, you just want to leave it on long enough that it gets warm and the grill marks show up!
Immediately after grilling,we topped with vanilla ice cream and the fresh berries!
Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and we highly recommend it!! The perfect summer grilling party dessert!! Thanks to the ladies at Party Bluprints for such a great idea!!
Have YOU done any grilled desserts? Would love to hear your ideas & recipes!

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