Fun Football Cupcakes for Game Day

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I’m so excited to share these fun game-day cupcakes, complete with chocolate-covered strawberry football cupcake toppers, as part of a sponsored partnership with Rich Products/Bettercreme® Whipped Icing. These football cupcakes are perfect for your next tailgate or football party!Game Day Football CupcakesWe’re huge college football fans, so it’s no secret that we’re thrilled about the return of football season! And with all the football Saturdays, watch parties, and tailgates, comes some festive football food! I love making tasty eats and fun treats, like these game day cupcakes.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Football CupcakesAren’t they cute?! They’re SOOOooo good and so easy to make with this little “trick” – go to your local grocery store bakery (In the Phoenix area, it’s available at Walmart, Fry’s, Albertsons, Safeway, Bashas, Kroger, etc) and place an order for cupcakes made with WHIPPED Icing! Though there are all kinds of bright colors and great flavors (like S’mores, Naturally Flavored Lemon, Cookies-n-Crème, and Salted Caramel), I  asked for “grass green” Whipped Icing when I placed my order at my local Fry’s! These looked perfect for the base of our football cupcakes! Whipped Icing CupcakesNot only is this “trick” helpful for saving you time in the kitchen (and not having to heat up the oven), but the Whipped Icing is the better-for-you option, with less sugar and fewer calories than traditional Buttercreme icing. Here’s some of the reasons to Ask for Whipped

  • Smooth & balanced texture that’s just sweet enough without overpowering cake flavors.
  • No greasy coating or gritty aftertaste
  • No trans fat

Now, you certainly can go really easy and just add some football rings (the bakery may even have them to put in) or other football decorating picks like these goal posts to the cupcakes. They are perfectly cute & tasty just like that! But, I thought it would be extra fun to do edible toppers. Seriously, how adorable (and tasty) are the chocolate covered strawberry footballs? LOVE these!! Chocolate Covered Strawberry FootballsTo make your strawberry footballs, you just need some strawberries (washed and gently patted dry), chocolate candy coating, and white candy coating. Dip your strawberries into the melted chocolate coating (melt according to the package directions).  Place your dipped strawberries on a baking pan lined with parchment paper. After you’ve dipped all your strawberries, place the pan in the refrigerator to help the chocolate set quickly. While those set, melt the white candy coating and place into a piping bag or plastic baggie. Then pipe laces to turn the strawberries into footballs! SO cute! Place the finished strawberry footballs on top of the cupcakes and you have a dessert touchdown! So, plan to make some of these fun football cupcakes for your next tailgate or game day party! They’re sure to be a win with your family and friends.

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