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If you’ve had a baby or ever seen any kind of real childbirth experience (you know, outside a Hollywood movie depiction), then you certainly know that there is nothing glamorous about it. Miraculous, yes, glamorous, no! And, I don’t know about you, but I always feel extra unglamorous in the standard hospital-issued gowns. They never fit me right, not to mention, there is nothing cute about them (which is really too bad when there are are SO many pictures of you in them after delivery). Plus, even though I’m not too overly OCD about germs, when you stop to think about the fact lots of other people have worn that garment previously, it makes the gowns seem really unglamorous. I’m always extremely eager to get out of them & into my own clothes!

A Labor & Delivery Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife recognized some of these issues and did something about it–they designed much more stylish gowns! LaborLooks gowns were designed with both moms and hospital providers in mind. They not only provide the same easy access for epidural/iv lines and breastfeeding, but also provide more “back-end” coverage than the standard hospital-issued variety. And, look at the cute fabrics!!

Super cute, right? Definitely more picture-worthy than what I’m used to in the hospital! Here’s a quick list of some of the great features:

  • 100% Cotton with coordinating fabric, border trim, & ribbon ties.
  • 3 sizes available: S/M for sizes 0-8, M/L for sizes 10-18, and XL sizes 20-28
  • Adjustable ties for better coverage in the back & snap-up sleeves
  • A front pocket to keep camera and/or phone handy
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA (designed by moms & hospital professionals)

With being pregnant and prepping for the arrival of baby #3, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to try-out a LaborLooks gown. I love brown & blue together (fitting since this is another boy), so I chose the Kylee Powder gown in size M/L. Here’s how it arrived:

I love the polka dots! So, so cute! But, is it cute on? I would say yes and ever so much better than the standard hospital gown! See for yourself:

Because the fit is better than the standard-issue gowns, I felt much more comfortable in it. And, there’s not that whole germy issue–much nicer to have something from home! I did have a little trouble tying the ribbons well on my own. Plus, because I’m SO short wasted I had the normal trouble I do with “dresses”, with extra fabric up top (in this case it led to a bit of gaping above the waist on my back). But, those really are the only “issues” I could find with it. It’s got better coverage than the standard gowns, is more comfortable, and looks so much cuter! So, this would definitely make a fun gift for a mom-to-be.

I haven’t decided yet if I would wear it during labor & delivery…or change into it right after delivery. What do you think? What would you do? I’ll definitely have to do an update this summer after I put it to “real” use! 🙂

For more info about LaborLooks gowns, you can follow them on facebook and/or twitter. Plus, you can check out their website here.

Disclosure: I received the LaborLooks gown for review pur­poses as part of All opin­ions & expe­ri­ences are my own.

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8 Responses

  1. I personally think it looks great on you. I have the same problem with hospital gowns, since I tend to grow my babies extra large (all 4 have been over 9 lbs) that none of them accommodate my large belly. I personally purchased two gowns with my last baby so I could wear one during delivery and one post delivery and since my husband said it was our last one, I wanted to do it in style and comfort with out having to worry about if someone else had worn it before me. If you are conflicted with the decision to wear it before or after, it would all depend on if you want to get your beautiful gown “messy”. Good luck in your decision and in the upcoming birth of your newest baby.

    1. Thanks, Korrie! I know–that’s the dilemma–do I wear it during labor & delivery and risk it getting all yucky, or just change after delivery? Decisions, decisions! 🙂

  2. You look fabulous in your gown 🙂 That was not a choice 31 and 28 years ago when my boys where born. I would have jumped at a chance to wear one. Hugs…

    1. Thanks, Melissa! The designs are fabulous! So cute! I’m leaning toward after too, but we’ll see! 🙂

  3. Sara, Love the new gown! I actual wore something similar from Baby Be Mine maternity. It was super handy with nursing while in the hospital. I ended up taking off the standard hospital gown during delivery but had opted beforehand anyway to plan to wear this post-delivery. I didn’t want it to get all messed up, but wanted to save it for afterwards. It was super handy to have and now I have one I can wear hopefully in future deliveries 🙂 Hope you are feeling well! You look great!! Jessica Brandt

    1. Thanks, Jess! Feeling good so far–hoping that continues as we get further into the 3rd tri! 🙂

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