Monsters University Fun Food: Mike Wazowski Monster Apples

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With the opening of Monsters University this weekend, we’re on a Monsters kick. In fact, we just had a Monsters Party playdate with fun food and drinks. I featured our Mike Wazowski monster green smoothies already, but we had other fun foods too like these Mike Wazowski apples! Mike Wazowski Apples

Seriously, these are the easiest fun foods ever!! And, it was partially Big Brother’s idea! When we were shopping for our playdate, he saw the green apples and said, “hey Mom, we can make Mike with these!” Music to my ears…and he was SO righ! All you need is Granny Smith apples, toothpicks, jumbo marshmallows, and food writer pens (*affiliate link– these Gourmet Food Writer Edible Color Markers are my favorite). Just wash your apples and make sure they are dried well. Then, cut the jumbo marshmallows in half (I just used scissors) and stick them on to the front of the apples. I was actually surprised at how well the marshmallows stuck. One day later and they are still holding strong! Making Monsters ApplesOnce the marshmallows were stuck on, I just colored the marshmallows in with the my food writer markers (green for his iris and brown or black for the pupil). Easy peasy! They looked like they needed a little something else though, so I added in the toothpicks for horns and they were perfect! I just snapped the toothpicks in half and stuck them in! Just make sure to take the toothpicks out before giving them to little kids! Monsters University Monster ApplesI have never seen my boys more excited to eat an apple in their entire little lives. Little Brother was absolutely begging to eat a “Mike apple”!! Plus, they looked great on the table as part of all of our Monsters fun! Nothing beats a super easy and healthy fun treat!! Monsters University Fun Foods

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  1. Too much fun. And hey it sounds like Big Brother is really picking up on the crafty ways! Yipee. (Big Grin.) My youngest grandson loves apples and marshmellow. Looks like I will have to make a few Mikes. 🙂 hugs…

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