Refreshing Summer Snack: Fresh & Fruity Grape Popsicles

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Summer is the perfect time for fresh fruit– there seems to be SO much more variety with a lot of different things in season then. And, with these crazy hot temperatures sweeping most of the country, it’s the perfect time for a snack like these fresh & fruity grape popsicles!

California Grapes issued me a challenge to create a fresh & healthy snack idea featuring California grapes. Finding delicious grapes is certainly easy this time of year! And, random fact: Did you know that California-grown grapes account for 99% of all the grapes sold in the US?!

I knew I wanted to make something healthy & easy that the kids would enjoy! And, during the summer, who doesn’t love popsicles? So, I decided on the fresh & fruity pops featuring some of our favorite summer fruit! I used grapes, nectarines, and 100% white grape juice. The white grape juice is awesome because it won’t stain anything (plus you can see the fruit inside). And, really, you could use any summer fruit combinations with the grapes that you wanted (strawberries, blueberries, pear, melon, you name it). In fact, you could even do all grape pops. They’re great & a super healthy popsicle as there’s no added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, or food coloring. Plus, they’ve got pieces of whole fresh fruit– so great vitamins and fiber!

To make, just cut up your grapes & nectarines. Then, place the fresh fruit into your popsicle mold (you can always just use the ‘ole dixie cups & popsicle sticks if you don’t have any plastic molds or makers), put your stick in, fill with the white grape juice, and freeze. Once frozen, you’ll have a pretty, delicious, & healthy snack– perfect & refreshing for these super hot summer days! Frozen grapes are one of my favorite summer things, but are definite choking hazards for the little ones. So, this is an awesome & safe way for kids to enjoy the frozen grape treats!

The flavor is SO good! The nectarines & grapes compliment each other well & the white grape juice tastes delish with it all! Everyone gobbled them right up! Definitely kid-approved! 🙂

For more awesome grape recipes, you can check out Grapes from California and this book: Green Black Red: Recipes for Cooking and Enjoying California Grapes (California Table Grape Commiss). And, if you have a healthy grape recipe to share, enter it into the Makeover Your Snack contest on the Grapes from California Facebook page! There’s a $5,000 prize up for grabs!!

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Disclosure: I received the book listed above & compensation to buy grapes from the California Table Grape Commission as part of a campaign with Family Review Network. All photographs, opinions, and experiences are my own. The book link above is an affiliate link.

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  1. I better find our popsicle molds! This looks like a treat that the Grandsons would enjoy and Mommy would approve, too.

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