10 First Day of School Books

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With Big Brother starting back to school this week, we’re kicking off a whole back-to-school theme week here on the blog! To get us started, we’ve got an awesome list of 10 great first day of school books! First day of school books Many of you are gearing up for the school year and some of you may have already begun. Either way, I hope this list provides you with some reading options you can share with your children or students. (*Note- these are in no particular order. The links are affiliate links to Amazon).

Ten First Day of School Books

Froggy Goes to School
by Jonathan London and Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Froggy wakes up just in time to catch the bus, but after hopping on, he realizes he’s only wearing his underwear! He finds creative ways to hide himself until his dad shows up…waking him from this first day nightmare! Will his actual first day of school be anything like his dream?

First Day
by Dandi Daley Mackall and Illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke

Will the little girl in this first day of school story make it through the day? Find out as you read through the poetic book and learn about everything her school has to offer!

The First Day of School (Sparky & Eddie)
by Tony Johnston and Pictures by Susannah Ryan

Completely different boys, but the best of friends, Sparky and Eddie are inseparable! When they discover that they have been assigned to different teachers for the upcoming school year, they make a pact not to go…with no switchies. When the first day of school arrives, will they go back on their word or hold true to the pact? What will their teachers think if they don’t show up?

Don’t Eat the Teacher
by Nick Ward

Sammy, a shark, has a habit of biting things when he gets excited…and he’s really excited about the first day of school. Will he be able to control himself? Readers can crunch along with Sammy as he learns many things during the first day of school.

David Goes To School
by David Shannon

Based on the author’s own story, this book contains simple text that some children in school can relate to. Many students learn the rules on the first day of school and David’s learning every lesson imaginable about following (or breaking) the rules. Will he be able to stay out of trouble and learn?

When Kangaroo goes to school
by Sonia Levitin and Illustrated by Jeff Seaver

Kangaroo thinks she is ready for her first day of school, but is she? The child in this story will help Kangaroo get prepared for what lies ahead…the rules, routines, classes, and customs. Readers can learn what school is all about right along with Kangaroo!

First Day, Hooray!
by Nancy Poydar

Ivy Green isn’t alone as she and her family are preparing for the first day of school. Readers can enjoy the hustle and bustle that has encompassed the whole town, as Ivy voices many of her concerns. Dreams of mishaps are in abundance, but what will happen when the sun comes up? Will everyone make it through the first day of school?

Arthur’s Back to School Surprise (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)
by Marc Brown

Arthur and D.W. get ready for school…with very different opinions on the process. Until, that is, they pick out new backpacks. Despite his best efforts, Arthur can’t convince D.W. to choose a different backpack, so they wind up with the same one. On the first day of school, they go through their morning routine without a hitch, but when Arthur opens his backpack in class, he makes an embarrassing discovery. How will this mix-up be fixed?

by Kevin Henkes

Named after a flower, Chrysanthemum simply adored her name. But on the first day of school, and the day after, she is teased about her name and even has nightmares about becoming a flower! On the third day of school, the children learn that their favorite music teacher has an interesting name as well. Will this spark a change in their behavior toward Chrysanthemum? More importantly, will Chrysanthemum learn to love her name once more?

Wemberly Worried
by Kevin Henkes

As implied by the title, Wemberly was a worrier. From small things to big things, she worried about it all…including worries about the first day of school. What if? What if? What if? Will Wemberly worry her way through the entire day?

What is your favorite book for the first day of school?

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