Patriotic Kids Craft: Firecracker Noisemakers {+ a $200 Gift Card Giveaway!!}

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Exciting news! I’ve teamed up with and 14 other creative DIY and craft bloggers to bring you a whole bunch of great patriotic craft/DIY ideas (and a $200 e-card giveaway good to either Jo-Ann or Home Depot. You choose! Sweet!!!). As part of the giveaway, we were each given a gift card to either Jo-Ann or Home Depot and asked to use it to create a DIY 4th of July project. Yesterday I shared some fun patriotic ombre tie-dye t-shirts that the boys and I made.  They’re perfect for wearing to 4th of July festivities and pretty easy to make! So be sure to check those out if you missed it! We love them! But, we also had some fun making “firecracker noisemakers”! We’ll be back in Nebraska for the 4th of July, which is a much different experience than in Arizona (with many more fireworks legal in Nebraska and lots of people lighting them off). But, I’m not very comfortable with most fireworks in general and certainly not comfortable with the boys playing with them. So, instead, my mom and I came up with a way the boys can have some safe crackly, loud fun of their own with these firecracker noisemakers! Patriotic Kids Craft Firecracker Noisemaker

Here’s how to make your own:


  • Red plastic cups (blue could work too)
  • Patriotic ribbon with wire edges
  • Duck Tape (red, white, or blue)
  • scissors (small, very-pointed cuticle scissors work best)
  • 1-2 Tissues (or similar – toilet paper, paper towel, etc)
  • Something for the inside—popcorn kernels are what we used (and they sound great). Rocks, dry beans, dry pasta, etc. could all be used also.


Start by cutting  5 pieces of ribbon about 6 inches in length. Knot one end. Patriotic ribbonUse the scissors to punch 5 holes in the bottom of the cup (1 in the center and 4 around that). Lace the open end of the ribbon up through the holes. Making 4th of July NoisemakerStart covering the open end of the cup with the tape. Make sure the tape comes up over on to the cup just a bit (don’t worry too much about how it looks yet, you can cut the excess off later). Place a piece of tissue on to the stick part of the tape so that the noisemaker insides don’t stick to it. Continue taping across the cup mouth until you have just a small opening left. Place a handful of your chosen noisemakers inside. Then, tape shut. Duck Tape ProjectCut the excess tape on the cup, making the edges look nicer (but still making sure you have about an 1/8” stuck well all the way around). Firecracker Noisemaker Kids Craft Then, just shape the ribbons how you like and go play. The kids can have fun being loud with their fireworks noisemakers! In fact, the boys had enjoyed a lovely Nebraska evening, showing off their two new patriotic crafty creations – their red, white, & blue ombre tie dye shirts and these firecracker noisemakers! The noisemakers got put to the test and held up nicely! 🙂 4th of July FunFun, huh?!  Now…on to the awesome giveaway! With $200 you can craft/DIY up some serious fun of your own! offers a wide selection of digital coupons for both companies and brands. They are the largest provider of digital coupons on the web! Including coupons for Home Depot as well as Jo-Ann coupon codes. And, we’re all teamed up to give you a chance to win a $200 e-card giveaway good to either Jo-Ann or Home Depot. You choose!  WOOT!

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And, for even more patriotic fun, be sure to check out what all the other lovely ladies crafted up! Click the images to head on over to their blogs, browse, and pins!

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43 Responses

  1. $200 to Joannes oh the fun woul d have with that!
    The shakers are great. Pretty ribbon you used.

  2. I’d use the 50% off select red white and blue savings coupon to get even more great supplies. 🙂

  3. $200.00 gift card to Home Depot would be grand. I need to make a sand box for the grand kids and that would come in handy.

  4. I would use the Home Depot code for Free Shipping on most orders $45+ I would love that giftcard to Home Depot seeing as we are moving next year and we’ll need new curtains (being military we move to houses with all different window sizes). We also need to keep the icky Texas animals/insects away from my house!

  5. I would LOVE to win $200 gift card to Joannes for my daughters to get fabrics for sewing projects!!!

  6. I would use the 40% off one item coupon for fabric for my daughters to use for a sewing project(like shorts/dress or apron!)

  7. I would probably use the 20% off overstock items for the Home Depot one…not too much I get from Home depot living in an apt but still love the store!

  8. sure could use the $200 Joann’s fabric for making quilts for my granddaughters loves the 50% off

  9. From Joann’s I would use the free shipping coupon.
    From Home Depot I would check out the 4th of July sale.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. @ Home Depot, I would definitely use the 15% off small appliances. We are in desperate need of a new toaster.

  11. Ooh, Home Depot! Just what I would need! I would use the “Save $5 Off 1-Gal Paint Cans & $20 Off 5-Gal Buckets” for the kid’s room or our living room and possibly the 30% overstocked items to start some gardening projects with my daughter (she’s obsessed with planting things at the moment…).

  12. Oh, and if I went with JoAnn’s, it would definitely be the 40% off a single item… I could use some creative storage ideas and a few new tools. 🙂

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