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Avengers Hawkeye & Maria Hill InterviewDid you make it to see Avengers: Age of Ultron over the weekend?! If not, it’s great and you should totally go! Here’s our Age of Ultron Movie Review in case you missed it! One of the characters that we really get new insight into during this latest installment is Hawkeye. So, I’m excited to bring you another #AvengersEvent interview – this time with Jeremy Renner {Hawkeye} and Cobie Smulders {Maria Hill}! Jeremy Renner Cobie SmuldersThe interview started off so fun with some jokes cracked about the makeup of the room! I LOVE how this photo really captures part of that moment.

Just like our interviews with Thor & Captain America & Director Joss Whedon, there’s a lot of curiosity about favorite scenes, hardest scenes to shoot, and the actors’ feeling on things like that. So, the question was asked, “how did you physically prepare for the movie? And then what was the hardest scene for you both to film?”

Renner:You know, we train. We’re in the gym lifting weights, hurting our bodies. I don’t know, hardest scene…they’re all quite difficult I think. The first scene we shot was the end of the movie in Italy where the chaos is going. When there’s a lot of moving parts, that’s where it gets a little tricky. And then the moving parts aren’t really there in real life. So that’s a little trickier. You’re stabbing things with arrows that don’t exist and then firing arrows that don’t exist to things that don’t exist. It’s a little tricky also to be like precise
with it and the camera angles. It’s just technical. That makes it quite difficult ’cause all moving parts. But to me I think it’s fun because  it’s like a dance. And there’s a technique to all that stuff.

Cobie: I mean every time these movies come up, you know, a couple months before you start working out.  I did a few stunts in this one, not as the super heroes in the film. But, it’s good to get in shape. And, in terms of the most difficult scene, uh, I feel like in this movie there’s a lot of scenes where we’re all in the scene together–

Jeremy:   Those are all difficult scenes, right?

Cobie:   Yes, we have a lot of fun together. So it’s a hard group to wrangle as well. But, these scenes, we take multiple days to shoot them ’cause there’s so much coverage. So like on the third day you’re like, ‘wait, what are we doing? What is the scene? And what did I say?’ And you sort of feel like you’re in this Groundhogs Day where you’re just like you’re doing the same thing over. But you’re trying to remember exactly how you did it the day before. And so that’s– you know, that’s challenging.

Avengers2 Party SceneSo interesting because we heard similar things in the Joss Whedon interview. Those group scenes (like the party) are some of my favorite in the movie. So, it’s funny that some of the actors & director find those the most challenging! 😉

Our focus of A LOT of the interview though was around Hawkeye. He’s a superhero that didn’t get nearly as much attention in the first film as the other Avengers. However, in Age of Ultron, we get to know Hawkeye MUCH better. And, it’s in a quite likeable way!! So…if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you don’t want know anything….this is your SPOILER ALERT!! Avengers HawkeyeWe meet Hawkeye’s family in the movie and see him in new light as a dad!!! It tugs on the heart strings – especially if you’re a parent. In fact, this new information was the subject of the first interview question:

“I saw you as a great role model for dads. How do you see as your character?”

RennerI think it’s a cool aspect to the character that was brought up. It was brought up actually for the first Avengers, but not even nearly as cool because they were gone. But in this one, it’s fantastic sort of reveal that, you know, he’s a daddy.And that’s what he fights for ’cause I think it’s a very emotional thing. I think just in general that audiences can kind of grab on to that. ‘Cause it’s something very real.
And, here’s a follow-up to that question, “Jeremy, you had a bigger role in this movie. And I have a feeling that as soon as it comes out and all the kids and all the parents see it that your character’s just gonna explode. I mean I can see it being, you know, big. How do you feel about that? Are you ready for that?
Renner: I don’t know what– what that ultimately means. Um..But when  a five year old ran up to me that changed the game. I’m like, ‘oh, wow, I have a five year old. And that’s amazing.’ And then here comes his dad in the same costume. A little creepy. But like when the little kids come on up to you, God, it just crushes me. And I mean I’ll stop and do anything for a little creature, man. I’m crazy about them. So, I welcome it is the short answer. I welcome that. If it’s the little kids. [LAUGHTER] The grown ass people, stay out of  the costume, man. I’ll see you at Comic-Con. That’s okay then.
So…note to self…Adult Hawkeye costumes are only “cool” at Comic-Con and maybe Halloween. Don’t go up to Jeremy Renner in Starbucks dressed in costume!!! Hahahaha! So funny!
My boys haven’t even seen the movie yet (they’re a bit young yet), but they are really drawn to Hawkeye. I KNOW that will hold true once they see this movie. The dynamic of him as a dad really adds an extra layer! Excited to see where his character goes in other movies!
For now though, be sure to go see Age of Ultron in theaters! And, for more Avengers fun, be sure to check out all my other Age of Ultron interviews…

avengers-age-of-ultron-692x1024Disclosure: Disney hosted me in LA in order to attend the film screenings and to participate in group interviews & media events. As always, all opinions, experiences, and love of Disney are entirely my own! All photos above are courtesy of Disney/Marvel and MerlotMommy.com

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