Easy Homemade Citrus Sangria

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If you like sangria, this citrus sangria is a must-make! It’s SUPER easy and SO good! Easy Citrus SangriaAll you need is a bottle of cheap red wine, a bottle of lemonade, and some sliced citrus! You can use whatever percentage of each that you like. But, I usually end up with a 60-70% lemonade/30-40% wine mix. Simply pour the wine and lemonade into a pitcher, then add a good amount of sliced citrus (that pitcher had 15-20 slices). Citrus SangriaDon’t the citrus slices look pretty? I had a blood orange that I used in this (the colors are GREAT). Plus, I used some sliced oranges (from our backyard trees), lemons, and limes. Really, you can add whatever fruit you like, but with the lemonade, any citrus combination tastes perfect!

And that’s it! It’s SUCH a quick, easy, and inexpensive recipe. Honestly, it’s little “dangerous” as it’s rather refreshing and many find that they can drink quite a bit of it! 😉 So you might want to make a double batch. As always though, drink responsibly!

*Kitchen Hack Tip: If you happen to find yourself with an abundance of citrus like we do in the winter months, you can actually freeze the fruit and it’s perfect for this sangria recipe!  I washed the fruit, cut into slices, place on cookie sheets covered in wax paper or parchment and freeze the slices. Once frozen, you can put a bunch of slices into baggies– then, take them out for this sangria! Or, it’s perfect for garnishes, for adding flavor to water, tea, etc.

What fruit do you like in your sangria? 

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