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The Cricut Joy is the perfect little crafting machine – perfect for spreading a little joy and happiness. So, we’re so excited to share just how easy gifts with Cricut Joy are! The gift-giving possibilities abound!

Who else thinks we could all use a little more happy and joy right about now?! Making cute things and giving gifts are two great ways to spark a little joy. And both are SO easy to do with the Cricut Joy!

What is the Cricut Joy? 

I often talked about my favorite Cricut projects and my love of the Cricut Maker cutting machine. And while I still very much love my Cricut Maker, there is a new, little cutting machine in town – the Cricut Joy. It’s Cricut’s smallest cutting machine ever, but still has SO many fabulous capabilities. Not only is it adorable, but it is such a great way to quickly & easily make everyday projects – like cute, little gifts! And one incredible feature (aside from the small size that can fit just about anywhere – no craft room required), is that it is capable of using new materials that don’t require a cutting mat! The new Smart vinyl comes in extended sizes, with up to 20’ repeated cut capability, and no need to switch out multiple mats.

Who is the Cricut Joy good for? 

The Cricut Joy really could be great for all kinds of crafters & DIY’s – from beginners to experts. The small size, lower price point, and capabilities are really appealing to a wide variety. So, if you’ve been considering what Cricut machine to get (…or if you need another one), here’s our list of top reasons to get this one:

  1. For the budget-conscious – the Cricut Joy has a lower starting price point than the larger machines (about $200 LESS than the Cricut Maker), so it’s a great option if you’ve been wanting a machine but are worried about the higher price points. That also makes the Cricut Joy a GREAT gift idea for your favorite crafty loved one!
  2. For the beginner at home – if you’ve been wanting to try a Cricut machine, especially just for smaller home projects, this could be a great entry-level machine.
  3. For those short on space – Small home or apartment? Dorm room? RV life? The Cricut Joy is SO small that you don’t need much room for it. It fits in a cubby or looks great on a counter!
  4. For travelers – Cricut Joy packs away easily and sets up instantly, making it super easy to move from room to room (or from place to place). Not having to transport a mat, combined with the smaller material size, makes the whole system so much more compact and portable.
  5. For quick & easy projects – Love personalizing items and labeling things? Love making homemade cards or easy gifts? Those types of projects are PERFECT to do with the Cricut Joy!

Easy Card Making with Cricut Joy 

Homemade cards have never been my thing, but they may be now. Not only are we not going into stores to buy cards right now…but making them with Cricut Joy is SO easy! And that’s really thanks to the special Cricut Joy Card Mat and the packs of card inserts. SO so easy! There are even premade designs in Cricut Design Space – or you can make your own. I decided on an “Oh Happy Day!” theme – perfect for all kinds of situations. You can use my design here.  Once the project is open hit “Make It’ and your machine is set to the joy.  When you’re asked with how you’d like to proceed, choose “On Card Mat” for the Material Load Type. Then you’ll want to select the correct size material size from the drop-down menu on the left side of the screen. You’ll then want to make sure that your graphic is where you’d like it on the cutting mat preview by dragging the image.  Once everything is cut (which is SO easy using the card mat), you’ll want to carefully remove the card from the mat. If you’re making this “Oh Happy Day” design, be sure to save the inner part of the letters. Then, use an insert card from your Cricut card pack or cut a coordinating piece of cardstock to adhere to the inside of the front of the card. You’ll want some double stick tape or similar adhesive to do that. Once that’s done, you’ll have an adorable homemade card – perfect for spreading a little happy.

Easy Custom Gifts with Cricut Joy

And, let’s not just stop at custom cards! Personalizing or customizing gifts is SO easy to do with the Cricut Joy. I opted to customize a plain gift bag to match the card! And then, I added a little happy face to a succulent gift. So easy and SO cute. For both of these, I used the Smart Vinyl. No cutting mat needed, which is AMAZING! I used the exact same “Oh Happy Day” design that I did for the card. The only difference is the material and settings! You’ll select “Smart Vinyl” for the material when you go to cut. SO easy. Then, using transfer tape, just put the cut design on the gift bag just like a sticker! A custom look in 5 minutes! And last but not least…there’s our little happy succulent! Just adding a little face makes everything cuter! I mean…how cute is this?! The process was exactly the same as the bag, only with a different design. This one is the “Smile Kawaii Emoticon” found in Cricut DesignSpace. You just use the Smart Vinyl to cut (again – no mat needed) and stick it right on the succulent planter. This is SUCH an incredibly easy way to spruce up/customize a store-bought gift.

Then, you have a whole little pack of easy gifts made with your Cricut Joy!

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