Disney’s Into the Woods DIY Ornament

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Disney Into The Woods DIY Ornament #IntoTheWoodsEventThe latest from Disney is the film version of an acclaimed Broadway musical, Into The Woods! As a lover of musical theater (and former drama geek & high school thespian myself), I’m super excited about this one! And…the excitement is even greater for me as I am in LA for the #IntoTheWoodsEvent, where (among other fun Disney things) we are seeing an early press screening of the movie AND interviewing the cast. Yes, I will be interviewing Meryl Streep! HELLO! As part of the event, we had a gift exchange with the other bloggers. So, I had to get crafty & make something Into the Woods themed! Since the movie releases on Christmas Day, an ornament was the perfect choice.DIY Into The Woods OrnamentI love the way the ornaments came out and they were SO easy! You’ll need some of the flatter round ornaments (theses were plastic), black paint (I used spray paint), glitter, Mod Podge, and a printed Into the Woods logo (plus any extra embellishments, like a glitter pen or metallic pen). DIY Mod Podge Ornament I started by spray painting my ornaments black and while the paint was wet, I sprinkled gold & a midnight-ish blue glitter all over. For the logo, I took a version I found online and resized the image in a word file. I decided to cut in a circle to put on the circular ornament. I let the ornaments dry overnight just to avoid any smudges. Then I took the printed logos and used sparkle mod podge to attach it to the ornament. Paint a then layer of mod podge on the ornament and stick the logo down on it. Then paint a thin layer of mod podge over the top. Do this carefully so you tear the paper and to avoid too many wrinkles in the printed logos. Allow 15-30 minutes to dry. Once dry, add any other embellishments you like. You could paint over the words with a gold metallic paint pen. You could also trace along the edge of the printed logo with gold glitter glue for a more finished look. I couldn’t decide if I like the paint pen better or not, so I did one that way and left the others plain. Here’s how they turned out: Into The Woods OrnamentI ended up making three (one for me and two for gifts) and I think they turned out super fun! The same process could be used for any kind of themed ornament you’d like to make. Super easy and a great way to personalize ornaments! I’m so excited that I’ll have this to hang on the tree to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime experience! DIY Disney OrnamentFor more Into the Woods fun, be sure to follow along with the #IntoTheWoodsEvent hashtag! And, for more Disney fun, be sure to check out our Disney category tab!

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  1. Oh My Goodness you have the best adventures! Getting to meet Meryl Streep! Our High School put on a production of *Into The Woods* this fall. Before I had even heard that the movie was being made. I did not go see it but understand they did a marvelous job.

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