Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates DIY Family Costumes

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Yo ho, Mateys! Looking for a fun family costume theme idea? Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a GREAT option!

DIY Jake & the Never Land Pirates Family CostumesWe had the pleasure of attending our first Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland (one of the ONLY events where adults can actually dress up in costumes) and we LOVED it!!! We’ve been doing family Halloween costumes for years (like our Star Wars family costumes, Pirate themed costumes, and Monsters University costumes), so I thrilled to get to dress-up at Disneyland! We decided on a theme from one of the boys’ favorite shows on Disney Junior – Jake and the Never Land Pirates. With a family of all boys, arriving at a Disney theme that works for everyone can sometimes be tough. But, a Never Land Pirate Crew (complete with Peter Pan) worked GREAT!  Disney Jake Pirate Family CostumesAll of the costumes are DIY’d except for the Peter Pan costume. That was borrowed from a friend (here’s an affiliate link to that exact same Disney Peter Pan costume). I did DIY the show covers though as we didn’t want to ruin the ones that came with the costume since we were borrowing it! But the rest of the other were really fairly easy to DIY (and relatively inexpensive as well using items of clothing that we already had)! Actually they were all REALLY easy except for Skully. That one takes more work, but the results with the DIY Skully parrot hat are just awesome!! So, here’s our Never Land Pirate Crew:


Jake & the Never Land Pirates Costume AdultYou can’t have a Jake & the Never Land Pirates costume crew with Jake. So, Mr. Mom Endeavors (who is AWESOME for going along with all our costume fun) rocked the part of Jake. He’s got the dark hair for it any way. So it worked out perfectly. Really, the only  thing that required any work at all for his costume was the vest. But even that is almost completely no-sew and fairly easy to do (full details coming in another post to save this one from being 2000 words long ;). You can see that a simple jeans and t-shirt work for the basic costume. Then you just need a few other props for embellishments. EASY! Lucky for us, we already had the sword and the boot covers! I just added the Jake embellishments to the boots! 😉 Here’s some of the items you might need to help complete the look (affiliate):

Peter Pan

Disney Peter Pan CostumePeter Pan is an integral part of any Never Land crew. So it worked perfectly for this theme! I’m sure you could VERY easily DIY a version of a Peter Pan costume. But, since we had one from a friend (and it’s one that looks really cool – you can purchase the Disney version here) & it fit Big Brother ok, we just went with that!


DIY No-Sew Cubby CostumeCubby is one of Jake’s pirate crew – and an important member at that as he is holder of the Never Land map! Little Brother even looks a bit like Cubby, so that was perfect! We have all the details of how we made our Cubby costume (SUPER easy, virtually no-sew) in its own post (so this one isn’t too long) –> DIY Cubby Costume Tutorial.

Skully Handmade Skully Parrot CostumeLittle Brother went as Skully- the official parrot of the pirate crew! And, was the CUTEST thing! This was by far my most favorite costume in the group – even if it was the most time-consuming to make! He got A LOT of attention that night at Disneyland! 😉 That has a complete tutorial post too. You can find those directions here –> DIY Skully Parrot Costume.


DIY Izzy Jake & the Never Land Pirates Costume AdultAnd then, we’ve got the lone girl – Izzy!!! As the only girl in our little family, this theme worked out great as there’s only one main girl in the pirate crew (though Tinkerbell or one of the other fairies could have worked here as well). This costume was easy to put together too – especially because I already owned the purple capris and the boots! So, all you need then is a pink shirt and a few embellishments! Full details coming soon in another post! But here are some similar embellishment items to what I already had/used for the costume:

So, what do you think about our Pirate Crew?!

Pretty fun! We had a blast with these costumes and can’t wait to do another family theme!!

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