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Have you seen Muppets Most Wanted yet?  It’s the super fun, globe-trotting, star-studded musical comedy adventure that hit stores on DVD on August 12th! As part of the DVD release fun, I actually got to ask the show’s stars, Kermit & Constantine, five questions as part of a fun little interview. Kermit & Constantine Interview #MuppetsMostWantedSo, curious as to what your favorite Muppets are up to? Hope you enjoy this little Mom Endeavors’ exclusive interview…

1. What’s the Muppet gang up to these days after such a crazy world tour?

 KERMIT: Oh, we’ve got lots of big projects in development, which is Hollywood talk for “we don’t have a clue what we’re doing next”. But that’s the way it always is with the Muppets. We never know what’s going to happen – even after it happens. But watch for us on TV, online and everywhere else. And watch for me at very expensive shoe stores carrying a lot of bags for Miss Piggy.

2. Constantine – what was the hardest part about pretending to be Kermit?

CONSTANTINE: He is so….nice. He is polite, kind, well-liked….Yech! I felt so clean and good after I pretended to be Kermit. I hated it. When you are the world’s greatest criminal, like myself, the worst thing in the world is to try to be the nicest frog in the world.   But I did a fantastic job, as you will see for yourself in Muppets Most Wanted

3. Kermit – Any plans to visit the Gulag again soon? 

KERMIT: Frogs and gulags do not go together. Too cold. I turned into a frog-sicle several times when we were shooting those scenes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I worked with some great inmates. They were a a very talented group. And the warden, Tina Fey, is the best…even when she licked me and stuck me to the wall. (I can’t explain that last part; you’ve got to see the movie.)

4. Kermit – How are things with Miss Piggy?

KERMIT: Well, let’s just say she wasn’t very happy about Tina Fey licking me. But, I think that she’ll get over it….after a few more visits to those expensive shoe stores.

Right before I had the opportunity to ask these famous frogs some questions, I had just made the fun Kermit & Constantine Quesadillas. So, I couldn’t resist asking them how they felt about their likeness as a snack! 😉 Muppets Food

5. What do you guys think of your likeness as a quesadilla snack?

KERMIT: Wow! I am impressed. Usually I don’t like to be a food. (I’ve had a few bad experiences with French restaurants wanting me to stay for dinner…or actually, as dinner. But those quesadilla snacks look delicious.

CONSTANTINE: Well, obviously, my quesadilla is far more delicious looking than Kermit the Frog’s. But they are both works of art that should be on display in a major museum, from which I can steal them. Bravo!

HA! So fun!! I LOVE their answers – can’t you just hear them saying those things?!

For all the Muppets Most Wanted fun, be sure to get the Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th  – for easy shopping you can order (affiliate link) from Amazon! In the meantime, you can see what the Muppets are up to on their Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest pages.


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