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Minions Party IdeasBello! The Minions of Despicable Me fame are back, this time starring in their very own movie that hits theaters on July 10th! In this Minions Movie, we begin at the dawn of time where we’ll see Minions starting as single-celled yellow organisms, evolving through the ages and serving the most despicable of masters! We’re sure to be in for some villainous family fun! So, I’ve partnered with Universal Pictures to bring you some great Minions party ideas in anticipation of the movie! We’ve got some easy Minions party decor, fun food ideas, and activities below! Minions PartyGiven the hot summer temperatures right now as we count down the days to the Minions movie, we opted for a Minions pool party! We had food inside and then moved the party outside for some poolside fun! Simple Minions Party Decor

Easy Minions Party Decor

We kept party decor super simple with just a few basic supplies and a simple color scheme. Where Minions are concerned, blue and yellow is an obvious choice. I used simple, inexpensive yellow & blue plastic tablecloths to help with a backdrop and yellow paper goods for eating. You can also find Minions-themed party supplies (like the outdoor plastic tablecloth we used, the glasses, and balloons). We also used some Minions beach towels (both as party favors and as decor). Be sure to scroll down to the end for a full list of supplies used with links!

Simple Minions Party Food

Minions Party Food IdeasThere are SO many different ways to get creative with Minion-themed treats and food! The possibilities are nearly endless. But, we decided to keep things simple. Since it was an afternoon pool party, we kept the food limited to just a few snacks and sweet treats. Bananas were an obvious choice since we know how much Minions love bananas! 😉 And, with the new movie coming out this weekend, there are SO many ready made Minion-themed items at the store you can buy to keep the food prep to a minimum. We found Minions graham cracker bites, cereal, fruit snacks, juice, applesauce, cheese crackers, and more! But, there are quite a few fun, simple Minion recipes you can make as well!

Minion Banana Pudding TrifleMinions Banana Pudding Trifle What’s better for a Minions party than some Minion-themed banana pudding?! So fun! We modified our banana pudding trifle recipe to end with a pudding layer instead of a whipped cream layer. Then, we created a fun Minion face on top. To make the face, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 Oreo cookies
  • 2 silver/foil cupcake liners
  • 1-2 fruit leathers or fruit roll-ups
  • 2 large candy eyes
  • knife & scissors


  1. Cut strips out of the fruit leather and place across the top of the pudding (for the sides of the glasses).
  2. Cut the bottom circle portion off the cupcake liners (cut slightly larger than the diameter of the Oreo cookies). Place silver side up in the center of the the fruit leather strips.
  3. Carefully twist apart two Oreo cookies and place each cookie (creme side up) on top of the cupcake liner circles.
  4. Place a candy eye on each cookie.
  5. Cut a thin strip of out the fruit leather, slightly bent to resemble a little smile.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Minion Party Food Recipe
Minions Party Punch

Adding Minion goggles to your food dishes is a really easy way to make them themed. Super inexpensive too! I made a simple yellow punch for our party (equal parts lemonade, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime soda). Then, I just added the Minion goggles to the pitcher with a little tape. SO easy & super cute! Minions Party Punch
Minion Munch

We used this same idea with the paper goggles for our Minion Munch snack mix (recipe coming in a separate post soon)! We put the mix in a large clear container and taped the goggles on for a fun Minion appearance. So simple! Minion Munch Party Mix

Minions Pool Party

Once everyone arrived and had a chance to get some snacks, we moved the fun outside for a pool party! We brought a few of our snacks out there too, along with the drinks. Party favors, balloons, and Minion water fun was waiting for the guests out back. Minions Pool PartyAs with the food, you can find SO many fun Minions-themed items in stores right now given the popularity of Despicable Me and the excitement of the upcoming Minions Movie. Minions beach towels, tote bags, flip flops, beach balls, sunglasses, and sunscreen all work well for a Minions-themed pool (or beach) party. You can use any of that as decor or it works great as party favors too! We even found some awesomely cool Minions swimming goggles! Haha! The kids had a blast!

Minions Party Supplies List

Below is a list of some of the items we used for the party (either for decorations, activities, or party favors). Many of the items can be found at different local “big box” stores and can also be found on Amazon (affiliate links included below). A lot of these things would also make awesome gifts for a Minions fan’s birthday or just a special little something after seeing the new Minions Movie. Minions Gift Ideas

SO much Minions fun! Minions_Revision_PROOF Are you excited to see the Minions in theaters starting July 10th?!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Universal Pictures. All opinions, experiences, and party ideas are entirely my own.

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